Marvel’s Avengers Character Design and why is it Slightly Bit Different than expected

A question related to the showcased Marvel’s Avengers characters at E3 2019 has surfaced. Fans believe that the character design is not as unique as it should be, and they differ from what’s wrapped in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A couple of characters stood out as different, which caused fan dissatisfaction across the globe.

During Marvel’s showcase, the developers confirmed the characters are unique and their design is correspondent to the MCU. Stated as an evolving process, the character design could face some changes before the game comes out. Knowing that Marvel’s Avengers release date is May 2020, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what kind of changes they’ll receive.

Even if the characters were recognizable due to their clothing, the faces were somewhat… different, and Crystal Dynamics has already compared that to the Marvel history, including the comics. No matter how hard they’ve tried to make them stand out, a lot of elements were different than originally known as, such as Captain’s America shield.

Noticing such differences make the fans a huge determinant on what’s going to happen next. Whether or not Crystal Dynamics will take actions and reverse the already showcased material at E3 2019, it remains to be seen.

The featured image of this article has the image of Captain America, which Shield design is really concerning compared to the original. The star spreads more than known, as it breaks the blue circle, which again, is not the supposed and original design.

Marvel’s Avengers will feature a co-op game mode in which four players will experience the power of the mightiest heroes on planet earth. Supposedly, their task will be to save the world, as that is what the Avengers do best. Marvel Avengers is slated to release on May 15, 2020 for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and of course, the new and upcoming Google Stadia.

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