Escape From Tarkov is getting closer to patch 0.12, Unity 2018 migration inbound

You doubted Battlestate Games? Well, check out the preliminary patch notes for patch 0.12

You may have or have not heard about Tarkov’s upcoming patch 0.12 that’s will also migrate to a more enhanced version of the Unity engine. That will be Unity 2018, and will potentially give the developers an upper hand in creating new content quite a bit easier. But, throughout the process, as mentioned before, there are lots of obsolete scripts and functions to be dealt with.

Luckily for the Tarkov fans, the developers at Battlestate Games have already published a standpoint of where they’re currently at. The migration process is still in the works, and useful insider info has just been revealed. Escape From Tarkov is getting extremely close to the release of 0.12.

What’s more exciting is the long-awaited hideout feature. It may kick off with 0.12, which is going to give a breather room to all the players. Imagine, Hideout will be one of the core elements for when, or if, Escape From Tarkov decides to go full Open World. For when that time to come, players must be prepared for the sustainability of their property. It has been confirmed that there will be more videos regarding hideouts, and we’re looking forward to watching them.

New weapons, Character Customization, Bosses, Items, Rigs, Backpacks, and more importantly, a brand new map will be included in patch 0.12. For a full overview, check out the bulleted list below:

  • Unity, 2018 migration. Status: fixing new bugs and visual problems. Also applying further optimizations and freeze fixes. Migrating is technically done already.
  • hideout (there will be more videos soon about it. Current status – actively in progress, still a lot to do)
  • New map – mil base. Current status – polishing and optimization. The biggest map in terms of searchable buildings and places and also with new exit mechanics.
  • Stationary weapon mechanics. KORD almost done, AGS is in progress.
  • Weapon builds system – ready.
  • character customization – polishing, playtesting. Adding last pieces of clothing. There will be five unique sets (lowers and uppers) for each PMC – USEC and BEAR. They will be locked behind some requirements – money, skills, standings etc.
  • New content. Added LOT of new mods, new weapons (beretta, p90 and Ash-12 will be 100% in game. High chance of 5-7). Also there will be new rigs, one backpack, helmets and some fancy glasses. Added a lot of new barter items (especially unique military grade items on new location). Surgical kits are working – maybe there will be some clip about it.
  • New trader and his quests. Also reworked old quests – removed grind quests from required progression quest lines
  • new bosses. 100% new boss on Woods. Ambusher type. With his stash crate that he will protect on location
  • 3rd person animations overhaul and optimization – done by 80%
  • And many many other fixes and additions – patch notes will be huge!
  • also, some big thing that we can’t talk about is already done, and you will be happy to know what it is later

As noted by Battlestate Games, the 0.12 patch notes will be a huge list containing a lot of beneficial information. The new military map will probably be the biggest one with tremendous loot tables. That means there will be an extensional number of loot spawns but will also include improved AI behavior.

Knowing that it is a word about a big transition, players may face a completely new wipe with 0.12. However, the certainty of that is on a low scale. Therefore, we cannot jump to a conclusion just yet.

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