Escape From Tarkov patch 0.12 will be deployed on Unity 2018, will add Reporting System and Improve Performance

In today’s Devblog#3, which was live streamed on Twitch, Nikita stated by himself that Battlestate Games are going very deep in detecting cheating gameplay. Before or with the next update 0.12, which will most likely be the engine upgrade to Unity 2018, there will be a reporting system in-game.

This will allow players to report strange encounters, for which they believe it is a word about cheaters. Nikita, the CEO of Battlestate Games has also stated that programming a cheat and anti-cheat is a very advanced process, and thorough support throughout the same is very much needed. The Report system is here to help the developers determine suspicious players quicker. However, the new anti-cheat code will be much more advanced than this one, and will just receive a little boost by the new Reporting System.

The saltiness and toxicity caused by hackers are about to be resolved, as the developers behind Escape From Tarkov are doing an exceptional job to deal with it. Throughout the Dev Blog, the new map Streets of Tarkov has also been discovered, for which many players believe it will be the next best map in the game.

However, first thing’s first. The upgrade to Unity 2018 is at a point of no return. To transition smoothly the developers have to deal with all of the challenges. Nikita confirmed the transition is going smoothly despite some encounters of obsolete scripts that should be addressed as well.

After the Unity 2018 upgrade, the game is meant to improve the performance by quite a lot, as new premises are going to be introduced in the form of tools. Escape From Tarkov is still one of the most unique and realistic video game in the world. A game like never seen before, and most likely a game that has been quite a while in a Closed Beta.

New Items and Features

New items will also be added with the 0.12 update, as well as a Surgery Kit, P90, .50 BMG weapons and more. Skills system will also work differently, but one feature will surely take place into the heart of newcomers but also veterans in Escape From Tarkov. There will be a feature to create some sort of Loadouts that will cover various Weapons Builds created by players themselves.

They will also serve to easily equip a pre-made Weapon Build, despite the fact if you’re missing the right mods or not. The items to choose during the creation of the build will be taken from the HANDBOOK, which keeps track of all the examined items in the game. That will contribute to a much easier Weapon Modifications, and once completed, players can assemble it. If the mods are missing in the player’s inventory, the player will be taken to the market to purchase all the missing mods and equip them on the Weapon.

This will also save players a lot of time, and Raid preparation will be a lot easier. Thus, less prepare time, more game time. Something players were looking for and finally received. You can take a look at the feature, as well as other leaks that were discovered today. Below is the full DevBlog.

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The priority is very simple and Battlestate Games is focusing to develop the promised content. With a ban ratio of 100+- cheaters per day, EFT slowly becomes a vital game to enjoy playing. The upcoming changes noted in patch 0.12 aren’t that prominent at this rate of bans.

If you’re eager to try out EFT but still doubting whether or not should you buy it, check out our article and note some of the highlights stated in it.

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