Nintendo Switch Lite won’t be running all games like its predecessor

Not everything will be playable

We’ve all seen what Nintendo is planning to do, or moreover, the invention of the cheaper version of Nintendo Switch, Lite. Even if it sounds quite amazing for having this coming to our hands, we may also witness a considerable gap when it comes to the games available on the market.

At first, everyone thought that every single game would be playable just as it is on the original product. However, not every game supports the small screen, which means they either have to be somewhat reworked or else. This is due to some games that can be only played in TV mode.

Knowing that the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t support that, that’s a huge bummer for some of the fans and anticipators of the product. Video Games that don’t support handheld mode cannot be played as well, leaving the players with a disappointment.

In the end, it’s not that big of a deal, and consumers can enjoy playing a vast spectrum of other games that will support the handheld version of the product. However, it is still a troubling factor, and Nintendo should find a way of adequately balancing the satisfaction among the customers.

David Goodwin

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