Pokemon Go New Update Brings New Attacks and PvP Changes

The newest version of Pokemon GO is officially out. This new update of the game changed some parts of the Trainer Battles, implemented two new moves and some Pokemon can now learn new moves.

As of today, the switch of Pokemon during the Trainer Battles will be accompanied by a pause. This pause was put in the game in order to avoid Pokemon causing damage to each other while being pulled back into their Poke Balls.

Some Pokemon (13 total) are now able to learn new movesets and here is the list:

  • 026 Alolan Raichu: Grass Knot – Alolan Raichu currently can only learn Electric- and Psychic-type attacks. Grass Knot will give it more type coverage and help cover its weakness to Ground-type attacks.
  • 045 Vileplume: Sludge Bomb – Sludge Bomb provides Vileplume with a strong Poison-type Charged Attack to take full advantage of its Grass and Poison types.
  • 097 Hypno: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch – These attacks provide Hypno with coverage to help it in the Great League.
  • 101 Electrode: Foul Play – All the attacks Electrode can currently learn are Normal type or Electric type. Foul Play provides more type coverage for Electrode.
  • 142 Aerodactyl: Rock Throw – Rock Throw allows Aerodactyl to compete in the Great League against other Flying-type Pokémon, such as Altaria.
  • 144 Articuno: Ancient Power, Ice Shard – Ice Shard will help Articuno use its Charged Attacks more frequently in battle. Ancient Power offers additional type coverage.
  • 145 Zapdos: Ancient Power, Drill Peck – Zapdos currently can only learn Electric-type Charged Attacks. Drill Peck gives another type option and is a natural fit for this Pokémon. Ancient Power provides Zapdos with additional type coverage.
  • 146 Moltres: Ancient Power, Wing Attack – Wing Attack provides Moltres with a Fast Attack alternative to Fire Spin, and Ancient Power gives it a new type option for its Charged Attacks.
  • 254 Sceptile: Dragon Claw – Dragon Claw gives Sceptile additional coverage to compete with Dragon-type Pokémon in the Great League and the Ultra League.
  • 306 Aggron: Smack Down – The Fast Attack Smack Down should make Aggron a formidable choice to use in any league.
  • 344 Claydol: Mud Slap – This Ground-type alternative to Claydol’s Psychic-type Fast Attacks provides it with additional type coverage, improving its capabilities against Pokémon resistant to Psychic-type attacks.
  • 437 Bronzong: Bulldoze, Psyshock – Bulldoze and Psyshock are Charged Attacks that Bronzong can capitalize on to differentiate it from other Psychic-type or Steel-type Pokémon, like Metagross.
  • 466 Electivire: Ice Punch – All the Charged Attacks Electivire can currently learn are Electric type. Ice Punch provides more type coverage for Electivire.

Niantic and Pokemon Go introduced Charm and Skull Basj as the two new moves:

  • Charm: A Fairy-type Fast Attack – Raichu, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Wobbuffet, Granbull, Donphan, Gardevoir, Delcatty, Latias, Togekiss, Gallade
  • Skull Bash: A Normal-type Charged Attack that increases the Defense stat of the user 100 percent of the time – Blastoise, Raichu, Lapras, Snorlax, Rhyperior

For last, don’t forget Armored Mewtwo will be joining Raids today, so good luck and let’s catch ’em all!

Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo Counters

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