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Spellbreak patch .28 Reworks Chronomaster Rune

Spellbreak continues its update journey with yet another sensible update. The game’s continued work and dedication given by the developers is of a large scale. Spellbreak update .28 puts the game in a better place and adds a tiny bit more balance so that everyone can enjoy fairer gameplay.

As mentioned, the Chronomaster rune has been completely revamped, which adds new functionality to it. For more details on how exactly the Chronomaster works now, you may want to read the section below in which the complete patch notes of .28 are listed.


  • The Chronomaster rune has been revamped entirely. The new functionality is as follows:
  • 4 seconds after using the rune, you’ll quickly return to the position where you used it. While rewinding, you’re invulnerable. Your health and armor will be returned to the higher value between the old value and their current value (so you can heal after using it and not be punished or use it to heal you). Furthermore any negative effects on you will be removed.
  • The cooldown on the rune is 15 seconds.
  • This changes Chrono from being a reactive rune that you use after taking damage to a proactive rune that can be used before or prior to engaging someone for some High Skill plays.
  • Teammates are now outlined in blue-green during gameplay. Now you can see where your teammates are at all times, through walls, mountains, and the chaos of combat.
  • The Lowland Outpost has been redesigned. It’s now a forward operating base for military operations in the Hollow Lands. Get in and get fighting!
  • Extended and redesigned Fever Ridge down the northeastern coast. Explore the broken village and for the first time a whole fractured island. But watch your step!


  • The party UI pre-game has been improved to show more information on your teammates.
  • Players can now view previews of their available emotes in the inventory tab. More emotes are coming soon!
  • Voice chat dropdowns show effective device names to make it easier for players to ensure they’re using the correct device.


  • The UI updates are still on-going…
  • Player vitals UI moved to the bottom left corner of the HUD.
  • Kill feed moved to the top left of the HUD.
  • New match start character animation.
  • New Springstep VFX.
  • Updated Dash animation.
  • The character visually displays where they’re aiming when using Ice Lance.
  • Enemy players are now outlined in red when highlighed, regardless of how they’re marked (Wolf’s Blood, Tracking, etc).


  • Added the home of Garrick, Enlightened Vowkeeper, to the Westmar region.
  • He’s not around so feel free to snoop through his stuff.
  • Heightened the northern wall of Westmar and polished the surrounding terrain.
  • Fixed miscellaneous floating chests and shrines.
  • Fixed collision exploit at Edgewall Gate.
  • Fixed instances of bad or unwalkable Fracture collisions, including one NW of Fort Halcyon.
  • Smoothed out several castle ramps to enable seamless traversal.
  • Fixed a ton of community-reported bugs (thank you!).
  • Fixed several small transparencies at the Fracture’s edge.
  • Fixed a ton of collision issues with invisible walls in the lobby island.
  • Updated minimap image.


  • Players should no longer get stuck on stairs in village buildings due to awkward beam collisions.
  • Players should no longer be left in a party after they close the game.
  • It should again be possible to remove waypoints on the portal with the middle mouse button.
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in class mastery titles unlocking a level earlier than they should be.
  • Eliminated players name tags should no longer remain in the world.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to remain invisible when using runes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Featherfall rune to be used multiple times in a single jump.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an item to drop from a hotbar slot when attempting to equip a skill point in that slot.

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