Fortnite: Where to Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows

Another solid startup of the challenges, and we're here to help

As the week progresses and adds more Fortnite challenges to the pool, we’re ready to designate and diminish all the difficulties throughout a given session. As such, we’ll be covering some of the challenges, or more precisely those who are harder to achieve. Speaking of which, the “Search Chest Inside Containers With Windows”, is considered to be one of them.

Well, worry not, as we’ll cover all of the map locations for this challenge, so we could give you a lot milder overview. It is a segment of the Spray and Pray Challenges, for which we’ll offer our contribution to your success.

Now let’s dive deeper and see where the Containers with Windows are located. Just to clarify, it’s not an actual window so you could watch on the outside, but it’s in a form of graffiti on the outside of the container.

In the image below, we have highlighted the locations of containers with windows. Therefore, let’s see where exactly the 5 containers are placed on the Fortnite island.

Fortnite Window Containers Locations
Fortnite Window Containers Locations

With the picture above we have nothing else to say but instruct you to plan your journey accordingly, and engaging the containers within a sequence will surely cut your struggles.

Have a nice day in Fortnite!

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