Pokemon Go Water Festival Bonuses, Research Tasks and Rewards, Eggs and New Raid Bosses

Trainers, the Water Festival event has started and the Pokemon Go community is reporting of seeing new bonuses, new Field Research tasks and rewards, new shiny Pokemon, new Pokemon hatching from Eggs and new Raid Bosses.

The Water Festival started on August 23 and will end on August 30. During this period, players will have a chance to earn cool bonuses, catch new shiny Pokemon, hatch new Pokemon from 2km, 5km and 10km Eggs, complete specific tasks and battle against new Raid Bosses.

Water Festival Event Details


  • Half Buddy distance for Water Type Pokemon
  • 2x Hatch Candy
  • Kingler and Crawdaunt can learn Crabhammer (the move is TM-able

Field Research tasks and rewards

  • Earn a Candy walking with your buddy – Barboach (shiny)
  • Catch 10 Water-type Pokemon -1000 Stardust
  • Catch 5 Water-type Pokemon – Krabby (shiny)
  • Evolve 3 Carvanha or Barboach – Clamperl (shiny)
  • Hatch 5 Eggs – Blastoise
  • Win 2 Raids – Azumarill
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt – Carvanha (shiny)
  • Take 5 Snapshots of Water-type Pokemon – Seel (shiny)

New Shiny Pokemon

  • Shiny Barboach
  • Shiny Carvanha

New Raid Bosses

  • Tier 1: Seel, Wingull, Krabby, Lotad, Wailmer
  • Tier 2: Marshtomp, Qwilfish, Exeggutor, Clamperl, Feebas
  • Tier 3: Machamp, Sharpedo, Alolan Raichu, Azumarill, Vaporeon
  • Tier 4: Blastoise, Lapras, Tyranitar, Absol, Alolan Marowak
  • Tier 5: Rayquaza

2KM, 5KM and 10KM Eggs

  • 2KM: Slowpoke, Goldeen, Remoraid, Barboach
  • 5KM: Wooper, Corphish, Wingull, Mantine, Poliwag, Qwilfish, Tantacool
  • 10KM: TBA

We’re still gathering info and we’ll make an update as soon as we have something. Until then stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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