Where to Spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane, and a Vending Machine in Fortnite

Fortnite shenanigans continue within fresh Spray and Pray Challenges

Let’s take a look at today’s challenges Fortnite challenges, for which we’ll have to delve deep and discover the soft spot on how to accomplish them. In today’s series, there are a couple of tedious challenges, for you to run around and discover things across the map. As such, Let’s kick off with Spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane, and a Vending Machine.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the guide and see where exactly the three objects are located on the Fortnite island.

Where to Spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane, and a Vending Machine

On the image below we have highlighted all of the three locations, the Fountain, the Junkyard Crane and the Vending Machine needed to complete this challenge. Once you get there, you need to use a spray emote on the particular object.


First stop, the Fountains, which can be found at Mega Mall as there are multiple of them at that particular spot. Easy to notice while gliding down, one of the fountains is located at the middle of the mall, while the other is just outside on the south.

Check the image below:

Junkyard Crane

Located in Junk Junction, the Junkyard Crane is just in the middle of the area. Noticeable while gliding, should cause no troubles to get to it.

For a better overview, check the image below:

Vending Machines

Quite possibly the easiest task of this challenge if you know where to land. Below there’s an image of the Vending Machines and their spawn, which may help you designate a solid VM spawn.

With that being said, we can conclude this guide as successful and continue with the next challenge.

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