Wraith-Themed Event might be coming to Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the freshest Battle Royale experience by Respawn Entertainment, is about to receive a new Legend themed event. Following the reliable feedback from the Iron Crown Collection Event, there’s nothing else due but to make another event that could encourage players to delve into the fun.

The developer has already stated that Themed Events would become more frequent in Apex Legends. As announced, legend themed events would become a substantial of the game, but play a vital role for the players as well. Having an extra thing to do is somewhat necessary, not only in Apex Legends but in any other game.

This is probably the reason why Apex Legends is focusing on a new Themed Event that would play around a phase expert. Most likely to be Wraith, one of the most notorious and favorized characters in Apex Legends. Played by tons of players, with a cruel part of a team, her skills and abilities surely contribute to a better outcome.

Furthermore, the developers plan the add new Collection Events. Unlike any other, these are about to become a permanent story in the world of Apex Legends, with the next one scheduled to release somewhere in October. Overall, what Apex Legends aims to do is bring a lot more fun to the players by organizing extra in-game content with quite a rewarding impact.

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