Battlefield 5 will Host Three Free Trial Weekends

Starting today, Battlefield 5, the WW2 inspired shooter made by Electronic Arts will offer three consecutive free trial weekends. More precisely, from October 10 (Today) to October 13, October 17 to 20, and October 24 to 27, Battlefield V will be available for free and will include different game modes within each free-trial weekend.

The first trial weekend will occur on the Rush Game Mode, opening its wings wide for each free-trial participant on maps such as Operation Underground, Narvik, Mercury, and Rotterdam. Rotterdam is easily the fan’s most favorite map, while Narvik provides a refreshing winter experience.

The second free-trial period, October 17 to October 20, it’s focused on Conquest. This Conquest won’t be the ordinary one, as it will be heavily focused on Infantry weapons. Multiple maps will also take places such as Marita, Rotterdam, Devastation, and Arras.

The third free-trial period scatters from October 24 to October 27 and will include the very first Grand Operations. Grand Operations is a 64 man game mode that pushes both teams to fight throughout several days. They both share a final goal, and both defenders and attackers should contribute to firmer sustainability.

The special abilities will remain a core part of this game mode, with V-1 and JB-2 rockets available at player’s will.

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