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Deep Dive on Escape From Tarkov’s Patch 0.12

It’s not just the patch notes and Hideout feature that assert a firm ground in the coming EFT 0.12 Patch. According to BSG, the engine migration to Unity 2018.4 has allowed them to improve the game quite a bit. As the devs shared with us, we would love to share the same with you. But in general, Escape From Tarkov is set to surprise every single fan across the globe.

After the trailer for patch 0.12 was released, a lot of new features were able to notice. New medkits, a brand new Hideout feature, weapons, and more. Basically said, the most significant update in the history of EFT.

Today, we’re here to talk about a couple of them, starting from the Engine, all the way to the very core in-game mechanics. Let’s kick off with a Battlestate Games’ statement regarding the transfer to Unity 2018.4. According to them:

Along with the addition of a large number of new game mechanics and content, we transferred the project to the new version of Unity 2018.4, carried out serious work to optimize the network and server components, fixed a significant part of the bugs and issues, stabilized and improved the state of the project. Particularly noteworthy are the new third-person animations, as well as the effects of full-screen anti-aliasing TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing). These and other features allowed to significantly modify the graphics component.

This could definitely give a breathing room to everyone who had bad experience with lag spikes, micro stutters, and more. The better version of Unity will allow the developers to keep track of every in-game issue, and replenish whatever’s necessary to retain strong integrity.

Hideout Feature

As we all know, Escape From Tarkov is far more than just a survival video game. It has a realistic aspect that not every single survival game has. As a part of that, the Hideout feature is ready to settle just in-between.

Hideout – player’s private area, which can be upgraded, perform character treatment, upgrade player stash, and more. The Hideout is considered to be the home location for each player. After each raid, unlike before, PMC characters won’t recover health. Instead, they will need the player interaction to do so. The medical treatment can be exclusively done within the Hideout, which again, as a zone, you will have the chance to upgrade it.

So, how’s the medical treatment going to work exactly?

The regeneration rate will be directly related to the internal management of the Hideout: the construction and improvement of various zones, the creation and use of consumables for everyday life.

But, that’s not the only thing that’s admiring in the coming 0.12 update. There are many other things that can be done within the Hideout. To our surprise and everyone else’s:

Here, the player can increase the size of his stash, create first-aid kits and cartridges, as well as organize a full-fledged shooting gallery for training, use food, water, and medicine, build a bitcoin farm and much more. The functionality of the hideout will be supplemented and improved over time.

New Location

Reserve, a secret military base of RosReserv is added to the game, a place that contains a lot of medical kits, weapons, and many other resources in the event of nuclear war. The zone is located near Factory, and it is the largest location in the game in terms of size.

In Escape From Tarkov, each zone is controlled by a distinct sounding enemy, also known as Scav bosses. Here, that is Glukhar. Glukhar is a Scav Boss accompanied by his squad of trained enemies that are known for their big arsenal. They carry heavy bulletproof vests and helmets, to fit the map environment.

Woods Scav Boss

Do you remember when we first published the coming Scav Boss on Woods, Sturman? Well, Shturman is also to be welcomed with the EFT 0.12 patch.

Last but not least, Traders. A new trader is ready to expand his offers to every single Tarkov player. His name is Jaeger, which has his own questline. As BSG announced, he has a lot of unique items in possession, which means he’ll most probably take care of the new arsenal coming with patch 0.12.

Quest redesign is also a part of the 0.12 update. Some traders will have new quests, while existing quests may be mixed between the already existing traders.

New Weapons and Weapon Presets

Among other innovations of the update, players now have the ability to create and save custom weapon presets and quickly purchase parts for them, and they also have access to the new Ragman service – tactical clothing. Five unique sets for USEC and BEAR are to be unlocked depending on the character level, merchant loyalty, and the amount in rubles. In the future, new clothes will be added.

Along with new equipment, barter items, ammunition, and over 160 weapon parts and modules, the T-7 thermal imaging glasses and new weapons were added to the game, including the AsH-12, FN P90, M9A3, FN Five-Seven, and TX-15.

There is a lot more within this update, and we can assure you it is going to be epic. We can’t wait to see the mastery of Battle State Games being input in EFT.

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