Donald Trump Joins Twitch, The Most Successful Live Streaming Platform

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is already making plans for his re-election as he joins the most popular live streaming platform, also accountable social media network, Twitch. He will most probably live stream events such as rallies, similar to the one in Minnesota.

The US president is most likely not interested in streaming video games such as Fortnite or PUBG, so if you’ve been hoping to see that, do not get too excited as it most probably won’t happen. But, in Donald Trump’s spirit, everyone trusts, and we might see him stray from his primary purpose on Twitch and settle for a game or two.

The Amazon-owned company is noticing considerable success when it comes to exposure. This has undoubtedly brought Twitch a lot more fans than any other live streaming service. Knowing it’s a word about Donald Trump, this might escalate to new higher-caliber goals for both parties.

Donald Trump and his channel on Twitch are currently sitting at 39,591 followers, while this number is estimated to grow very shortly.

The fascinating part is that after a war with Amazon that recently got exposed in 2016 during the US elections, Trump has decided to join Twitch, an Amazon-owned company. Let’s hope the president chooses to jump for a game of Fortnite, which will probably lead to huge number of visits.

This is nor the first or last authority figure creating a channel on Twitch.

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