Pokemon Go Galarian Forms Added with the Latest Update

Trainers, the latest v0.159.0 is now live and according to the text found in the update file, three new Galar forms Pokemon have been added, which means Niantic could release these forms anytime soon.

Digging through the latest update file, we discovered a lot of cool stuff such as:

  • Team Go Rocket Leader Map
  • Giovanni Map
  • Code for Cliff, Arlo and Sierra
  • New Invasion Rocket Stop types
  • Rocket Map
  • Grunt decoys
  • New Badge
  • New Music
  • Curfews of Team Go Rocket stops
  • Rocket Radar
  • New Adventure Sync Reward Lvl
  • Limited Pokemon
  • Two new moves
  • Three new Galarian forms Pokemon

As you can see there is a lot to talk about, but we would focus on the three new Galar forms Pokemon this time.

The Galarian forms Pokemon have been discovered in the GM File a month ago, and we have been waiting to see which Galar forms will be introduced in the game, meaning we needed a new update with a new code for confirmation.

The latest update v0.159.0 reveals a search filter for “Galarian” and three Galarian forms Pokemon:

  • Weezing
  • Zigzagoon
  • Linoone
  • “Galarian” search filter
  • Fingers crossed for Galarian Ponyta at some point!

Take a look at the images below for comparison:

So what are these Galarian forms and where do they come from?

In the Galar region, a species’ regional form is referred to as its Galarian form (Japanese: ガラルのすがた Galar form). A Pokémon in its Galarian form is described as Galarian — for example, Weezing in its Galarian form is referred to as Galarian Weezing. Unlike in Alola, Pokémon from beyond Generation I have known Galarian forms, and there is at least one known case of an evolution exclusive to a Galarian form Pokémon, Obstagoon.

We expect to see these Pokemon very soon, maybe in a week from now, so until then stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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