Pokemon Go Seven Months Without a Single Spawn, Let’s Help our Fellow Trainers

Trainers, let’s play a game. Imagine waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning, ready to start the day with positive energy. You suddenly have a desire to catch as many Pokemon in the wild as you can. Now, imagine that you are starting up your Pokemon Go App, and you can not find a single wild spawn, they are all gone. Imagine that this happens to you every day in the past 7 months…so, how do you like the game so far? I know I don’t.

This is real and this happened to our fellow Greek Pokemon Go Trainers.

The Pokemon Go players that currently live on an island in Greece haven’t seen not even a single Pokemon in the wild. According to Giannhsblazer, a player that lives in Salamina, Saronic gulf, Attica, Greece, he and his fellow PoGO players haven’t seen a wild Pokemon for more than 200 days. This island mentioned above has hundreds of PokeStops and Raids, but does not have a wild spawn. They have already emailed Niantic, describing the whole situation, but unfortunately, haven’t gotten an answer which would help.

Read his story down below, and be sure to leave your opinion on this situation in the comments section.

Hello all,

It’s been already 7 months since the last day our island had spawns.

This specific island is Salamina, located in Saronic gulf, Attica, Greece.

For the record, before the scheduled update of pokemon GO maps, a user of Open Street Maps, tagged the whole Saronic gulf, as “Natural=bay”, without untagging the lands of islands Salamina, Aigina, Agkistri, and Poros (all located in the said gulf).

We all know that this tag, according to the official rules of Niantic, means that every spawn in this area is blocked.

As an Ingress player as well, i know the fact that specific quantities of XM hints where Pokemon spawns are more likely to appear (at least this was the case before the last update of Niantic, that re-arranged the locations of the spawns).

However, that last update, didn’t affect the whole island at all, since Pokemon Go needs a new update in OSM, (note that in OSM, the issue is resolved thanks to u/WoodWoseWulf , that re-edited the map.

I had contact with Niantic support center many times, receiving only generic answers, that i have to search more and I’m gonna find spawns somewhere, or that i have to play “IN ANOTHER PLACE”!!

The island of Salamina, has hunderds of Pokestops (430 portals in Ingress). Trust me, i have recently visited almost all of them, so it’s not an issue of me not searching enough.

PLEASE, dear community, for the sake of this game that unites us all, me and the local community of Salamina (50+ people, 100+ seasonaly), as well the communities of the other 3 islands, need your help. We have already suffered enough 7 months, having to play only Raid bosses, and having to pay going in other areas, or using lures/incense.

I know that it’s a company with more serious issues to deal with, but our issue ruins our mood and discourages us to continue playing the game, as well new users tend quiting early. We just want something common, to enjoy hunting spawns with friends. Thank you for your time. Even if it is just one upvote comment, or an just a report in Niantic support, any help will be welcome!!!

Giannhsblazer on TSR

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  1. This is terrible. I’ve shared your blog and the following message within
    our raid crew (SE1 Family) and asked our members to spread the word. Hopefully Niantic will reply

    “This is absolutely crap!!! These poor trainers don’t get ANY spawns… Can you imagine? Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow help them out.

    Can any of our high profile players help? Or perhaps those with links to YouTubers? Or indeed if you simply like tweeting Niantic?! Or if you have links to other groups of players? Let’s spread the word and make sure Niantic doesn’t ignore us.”

  2. I know a little about how they feel. The next street has plenty of pokemon. The park on the other side of me gets pokemon, but my street around my house. Nothing.

  3. So sad. You would think that if a place had stops and gyms, Niantic wouldn’t block spawns. Someone didn’t do their job correctly and now no one wants to fix it.

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