Climate Change is Real and “Killed” Corsola in the Latest Pokemon Title

The latest addition to Pokemon Shield is the “ghost” type of Corsola, that reportedly has been wiped out due to the climate change.

Because of this sudden climate change, everyone around the globe started panicking. And references to the phenomenon have started popping up practically everywhere. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of these references is the newest entity in Pokemon which is described as a dead coral that “disappeared” because of global warming.

This Pokemon, known as Corsola, was first seen in the 1999 generation of the flagship games. Since then, it has appeared in many versions that came after it. As we know, this new Pokemon is specific to the generation’s Galar region.

This version is described as bleached white, his mouth is frowned and is classified as a “ghost-type” Pokemon. “Sudden climate change wiped out this ancient kind of Corsola. This Pokemon absorbs others’ life-force through its branches.”

The public was denied any comments on this entity from The Pokemon Co International. This move is not surprising, because they have been known to regularly include unusual creatures that are directly linked to the real world. There are Pokemon that are based on trash, melted candles, ice cream cones and many more.

The coral reefs are in an atrocious state probably since 1980. Since that year, researchers have reported that almost half of the world’s coral has died out. A report given by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change gave a warning that due to global warming, the oceans are heating so fast that the whole planet has undergone changes that can not be reversible.

When stressed, corals tend to become bleached. The algae that are living inside them suddenly leave, which is what is happening right now because of the high temperature. If the temperature does not get lower, these living creatures literally become cooked to death, which is a result of the mass graveyard underneath the surface of the ocean.

The greatest reef system that the planet has, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, has seen massive problems for years now. There are back-to-back mass bleaching events, one of the most dangerous are the ones that happened in 2016 and 2017. The results of these disastrous events are large swaths of a reef that are dying, or already dead. The scientists compared this as an apocalypse but happening underwater.

“Without additional local, national and global action on the greatest threats, the overall outlook for the Great Barrier Reef’s ecosystem will remain very poor, with continuing consequences for its heritage values,” the report, written by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, stated. “The window of opportunity to improve the Reef’s long-term future is now.”

UNESCO, the organization which is under the United Nations, said reported that they are determined to set the future status of the Great Barrier as a World Heritage Site.

Via: HuffPost

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