Fortnite: Search the Hidden “E” Letter in the Dive! Loading Screen

Well, it’s a new day for a new series of Fortnite challenges. This time we’ll actually get to the last piece of the Fortnite letters puzzle, which is acquiring the letter “E,” allowing us to spell Fortnite completely. The Dive loading screen hides the letter within its content, and once the loading screen is unlocked, players must acquire the last letter in order to get the bonuses.

But, as said above, to get to the point of unlocking the Dive Loading Screen and realizing where the hidden E is located, you must complete a couple of the initial challenges. For that reason, you can visit the Dive Challenges and find their requirements.

Everyone loves this quest just because it gives a similar vibe to the previous chapter ones, whereas Battle Stars were involved. Before we continue, let’s take a look at the Dive loading screen image below.

Now that we have the loading screen image unveiled, it contains the letter E. If you’re eyes cannot catch it up, worry not, we’ll highlight it for you.

Now that we’re beyond that, let’s find the location of the letter E in-game. We’ll make a small map image pinpointing the exact location. As we can see in the picture above, the letter “E” is located on the road above the dam. More precisely, on top of the middle street light. The dam’s location can be seen in the image below:

Fortnite Letter E Map Location

This is where exactly the hidden E letter is located. With that being said, we can conclude today’s guide as successful. Have a beautiful day in Fortnite, everybody!

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