GeForce NOW Brings Cloud to PC Gaming

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s Cloud solution for the PC platform. A technology that is set to help gamers dive straight into video games without further constraints. What it does it offers cloud storage, where all the settings from known video games on the Nvidia’s servers abe become viable to game streaming at any given time.

From what we know so far is that Nvidia has Cloud Servers hosted in the NA and EU, assuming they’re the first continents to have a reach to it. But, what else is coming with GeForce NOW?

We’re working to build a gaming service around PC gamers. The typical gamer in our current beta already owns more than 50 games. So, we’re working with existing PC game stores and publishers so you can play the games you already own. And if you buy it, you own it — for life.

That means that once GeForce Now will help you transfer all of the settings, including the game saves by playing on a completely different PC but also stream your favorite game on your GeForce Now enabled devices. The main aim is to simplify the setup, hence, provide a lot more game time to everyone using Nvidia’s Cloud.

A gaming service around PC gamers who will no longer engulf players with a struggle to transfer game save files, and continue from where they left off.

Wherever you go, you’ll never leave your latest gaming adventures behind: GeForce NOW synchronizes your game saves. With regular server upgrades and the latest updates already installed and ready to stream, your favorite games will play better and better — as if you’d brought your favorite games to a new rig.

If you’re eager to find more about GeForce Now, make sure you check the latest blog post by Nvidia on their official website.

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