Pokemon Go Max Rare Candies Bundles per Raid

There is a special type of Pokemon Candy, called Pokemon Rare Candy. This specific type can be given to any Pokemon species that are known in the game. This rare candy is said to be a substitute for any other Pokemon candy. Nowadays, you can get it by beating Raid Bosses and fully completing the Field Research tasks.

When you first get it, you can not get enough of it. Then you can not stop using it. Over time, it will fill up your storage, which then needs to be either used or removed.

The Rare Candy Bundles has changed and thanks to skewtr and his analysis on TSR, we now have the list of Max Rare Candy Bundles. Check it out below.

Raid Tier Rare Candies/Bundle Max Rare Candies
1 1 2 2(Bundles)
2 2 (previously 1) 8 (4 Bundles)
3 3 (previously 1) 18 (6 Bundles)
4 3 (previously 1) 24 (8 Bundles)
5 1 (previously 1) 8 (8 Bundles


Raid drops work in a way where you get many items that are grouped in a bundle. Each of these types of items come in a bundle that has a fixed number. And bear in mind that these are randomly decided by the game itself.

To clarify this, let’s imagine that you complete a Tier 5 raid and the RNG gives you 3 bundles. Before the problems that came up these past few days, the game would have given you 9 Rare candies. After this, the game gives you 3 rare candies.

This is also for the hyper potions, golden razz, TM’s and practically everything else that you might get from the raids.

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  1. Wait. So the level 4 raids can potentially give 24 rare candies while the level 5 raids offer less than that?

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