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Escape From Tarkov Patch 0.12.4 Introduce the New Grenade Case and Stamina Rework

The grenade case is probably one of the most anticipated items in Tarkov. Luckily, to satisfy a lot of players, Battlestate Games have finally decided to include a grenade case in patch 0.12.4, which currently is under installation. The server maintenance is expected to be down for at least one more hour, and the preliminary patch notes were noted a couple of days ago.

Escape From Tarkov 0.12.4 Patch Notes can be found in the article below, which will get a proper confirmation once the update arrives. We do expect there to be a couple of bugs, as the game does not represent the final product. Nevertheless, we also hope the bugs to be fixed in a record time within a day of release.

If you’re eager to find what’s on the change list, make sure you check the 0.12.4 patch notes below:

  • Interchange location has been reworked
  • Interchange location lighting has been updated
  • New interactive objects, new location exfils
  • Various problems with culling, physical colliders have been fixed
  • New mechanics, overweight. The character receives various debuffs while carrying a certain amount of weight (increased equipment noise, movement speed limits, increased stamina consumption, etc.)
  • Fatigue effect debuff has been added, which appears if the character keeps the stamina at a low level for a long time. Energy consumption increases with this effect.
  • Now The character’s stamina indicator is divided into arms and legs. The arm’s stamina is consumed when aiming, throwing grenades, and fighting with melee weapons. The legs stamina is consumed during sprinting, jumping, changing body positions, etc. Also, the legs stamina starts to drain when the hand’s stamina drops to zero.
  • The “trading “flea market”, “inventory” buttons have been added to the bottom panel of the interface for quick access.
  • New hand grenades based on the VOG-17 and VOG-25 prototypes.
  • The resolution of your screen is automatically determined and applied as standard settings, at the first start of the game.
  • New weapon mods
  • New sets of character customization and equipment
  • New BEAR top called “Telnik”
  • New BEAR pants called “Tiger”
  • New USEC top called “TIER2”
  • New USEC pants called “Commando”
  • New SCAV top “Olimpic shirt Russia”
  • New body armor, tactical vests, backpack, helmet, active headset
  • Grenade case
  • New barter loot and new trading schemas requiring this loot
  • New hideout crafting schemas
  • New quests with new outfits as a reward


  • Minor lightning optimizations
  • Minor decals optimizations
  • Various server stability optimizations

There might be some changes from the list of changes above, for which we’ll have to judge after the server maintenance. Speaking of a big patch, there might be something connected to the cultist quests, which Nikita stated will be included by a surprise. He never said anything about time nor indication of the same, but just proved that the promised narrative quests would be added as a surprise. Today might be it, which may catch us up by a surprise.

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