Rumor Pokemon Go All Raids are About to Get Canceled

Trainers, according to one of our sources, Niantic and Pokemon Go are planning to cancel/turn off/disable all Raids in the game just to preserve the health of all players.

As of March 17, 2020, the number of Raids is decreased and many players are reporting not seeing any Raids. This means that Niantic and Pokemon Go care about the community and want us to stay at home and enjoy the game while staying safe.

Please have in mind that the following is just a rumor, 0% confirmed and 0% a leak!

Here is what the source told us:

“Niantic and the team at Pokemon Go are planning to cancel all Raids. Players will be given an alternative which includes staying at home but having the same experience as they are doing Raids outside.”

Fingers crossed for remote Raids!

Pokemon Go All Canceled/Postponed events

  • March Community Day event
  • All Safari Zone events
  • Raid Hour Event
  • Lugia Raid Week
  • Trainers won’t be able to receive invites to new EX Raids

That’s all we have so far Trainers! Stay safe and don’t forget about the Psychic event happening this weekend.

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  1. Niantic should make us a temporary joystick option. Allowing people to still collect spinners and pokemon

  2. The game is dead already, who cares? Cheating has made it unplayable and updates are even geared towards you playing it alone.

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