Infinity Ward Wiped Over 50,000 Cheaters in CoD: Warzone

Infinity Ward, the company behind the latest Battle Royale sensation, CoD: Warzone, has declared that there is no place for cheaters in video games. To fulfill the declaration, the developer has come with a statement that reveals the number of bans performed since Warzone’s launch. Free-to-play titles are usually the most abused by cheaters, which by using third-party software, gain certain benefits over regular human players.

Now, talking about the number, it seems quite hefty. Infinity Ward has managed to ban over 50,000 players. The number of bans was revealed in a post on Activision’s blog. Forms of cheating are taken seriously by the developer, and the primary goal is to minimize cheating and maintain a fair playground for everyone.

According to the statement:

There’s no place for cheating in games. Warzone has zero tolerance for cheaters. Here is what we’re doing about it.

We take all forms of cheating very seriously, maintaining a level and fair playing field for everyone is among our highest priorities. This is an area we have been working on heavily, but it isn’t always something we discuss publicly.

  • We have been enforcing account bans since Day 1 of Warzone’s release. To date, we issued more than 50,000 permabans worldwide.
  • We employ a number of programs in place to combat both cheaters and cheat providers.
  • Our security teams monitor 24/7 to investigate data and identify potential infractions.
  • The teams review all possible cheats and hacks, this includes identifying use of aimbots, wallhacks and more.
  • We’re working to improve our in-game system for reporting potential cheating. Plans are underway to streamline the UI for a more seamless reporting experience.
  • For all reports that are received in-game, they are both analyzed and filtered based on key data.
  • Once investigations are complete, we will continue to work as quickly as possible to ban.

Furthermore, the developer stated there’s no place for cheating, and such recognition will be harshly punished. Battling cheaters in a fashion way are what players want to hear about. Infinity Ward will continue with this tempo until justice, and fair playground becomes permanent.

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