Pokemon Go Remote Raids Guide

There is a new feature in Pokemon GO, that allows players to join Raids Remotely.

If you have a Remote Raid Pass, you can join any Raid Battle that you have on your Nearby screen, or the ones that can be tapped from the Map View.

These new passes can be purchased directly from the shop. In addition, as per Niantic and Pokemon Go, there may be special events that include Remote Raid Passes as a reward.

There is a limit in the number in which a player can hold up a Remote Raid Pass, which is three Passes per player.

Complete Guide on how to Join a Raid Remotely

First, we have to mention that there are two ways of joining a raid Remotely. The first one is tapping the Nearby button at the bottom right of the Map View, then selecting the “Raid” tab. If you like to join a raid, simply tap “View” below the desired raid. The second way is tapping on any Gym with an ongoing Raid Battle on your own Map View.

After you have accessed the desired raid, you will see a pink button that will let you join the Battle with a Remote Raid Pass. The limit is 5 Trainers per Raid Lobby during the specified time periods. If you do try to join a Raid Battle where there are already 5 Trainers, you will be redirected to a new lobby. Funny enough, the appearances of the Trainers that joined the Battle remotely, have a different appearance than the ones who did not join it remotely.

The Battling system in Remote Raids is the same as in the original Raids. You can select the Pokemon you want and can invite others within your range to join your group by sharing the group code, which can be found at the top right of the Lobby. One thing that is unfortunate, is that the Trainers who joined the battle remotely, their Pokemon have lower attack power than the ones that joined the battle in person.

These special kinds of battles are counted just as it is a regular Raid Battle, and the team bonuses for attack power and extra Premier Balls are applicative.

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