Pokemon Go Safari Zone Liverpool Event Adjustments

Trainers, the Safari Zone Liverpool event was scheduled to go live from April 17-April 19 in Sefton Park in Liverpool, but due to the recent pandemic situation, Niantic and Pokemon Go had to cancel it.

Niantic and Pokemon Go canceled all Safari Zone events, and in exchange, only for those who will retain their tickets, they will activate the Safari Zone Pokemon encounters and Special Research globally during the originally scheduled event hours.

Now, according to an email sent by Pokemon Go officials, the Safari Zone event hours will be extended on Sunday until 8 PM local time. They also made some adjustments to improve the global gameplay.

Here is the email, originally sent to 5peedie:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the adjustments to Pokemon GO Safari Zone Liverpool. We understand your concerns and hope to clarify the changes below. While overlapping events are not ideal, these adjustments will make your Safari Zone global gameplay experience the best it can be, while including benefits from the Incense Day: Type Shuffle event.

  • Update: Safari Zone event hours will be extended on Sunday until 8:00 p.m. local time to give you more time to enjoy event benefits.
  • In order to blend the two events, Sentret will appear in the wild and be attracted to Incense during the event, but it will be incredibly rare. You’ll also have an increased chance to encounter Shiny Sentret (much like those participating in Incense Day). Chinchou, the Safari Zone featured Pokemon, will appear much more frequently.
  • You will still receive three additional Incense from the Safari Zone Special Research as a thank-you for your understanding of the event overlap.
  • The Incense Day event format will return to Pokemon GO in the future, so stay tuned for announcements.

In addition, Chinchou shiny form will be available during the event, and we hope they will release it worldwide after the event ends.

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