Pokemon Go Niantic Compensate for Seedot Community Day Issue

Trainers, there seems to be a problem with Poke Ball gifts from Great Buddy since the beginning of the Seedot CD day. It seems like the Great Buddy bonus is bugged and players aren’t getting any Poke Balls.

Seedot Community Day has begun (May 24, from 11 AM to 5 PM local time) featuring shiny Seedot, Bullet Seed as the exclusive move, Seeing Double Special Research, 3x Catch XP, and 3-hour Incense. In addition, Buddy Pokemon with a Buddy Level of Great Buddy or higher will bring you helpful items, such as Poke Balls, throughout the event.

Players are reporting of not getting any Poke Balls and one player contacted Niantic for the lack of Poke Ball gifts from his Great Buddy.

Now, he was lucky enough and instantly got 300 Poke Balls on his account.

He shared his “story” on the official TSR Reddit and got a lot of attention from the community. Check it out below.

Complained via in game support chat about the lack of Pokeball gifts from my Buddy. Niantic added 300 pokeballs to my acc on the spot. from r/TheSilphRoad

Do you have the same problem? We would like to hear from you, so please let us know in the comment section below.

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    1. I also didn’t get poker balls from my buddy but I also didn’t get poker balls from my friends gifts so I had to buy some with my coins

  1. I did not get bullet seed when i evolved my pokemon. I got pokeballs the last 2 hours of the event.

  2. Pokémon didn’t collect gifts, didn’t get poke balls from gifts and it’s funny how they added stuff to his account because the other day I had to drop 10 revives but the game glitches and ended dropped it twice when I contacted support they legit told me that they are sorry that, that happened but they can not add items to an account.

  3. My buddy hasnt gave me no gifts. I only gir a couple balls from pokie stops today. Not right.

  4. Played for almost 3 hours straight, took a break, played another hour or so, and didn’t receive any gifts from my buddy the entire time. Had fed my buddy berries and later a Poffin. Another player with me received gifts from his buddy every half hour or so. Very disappointing. Had to leave home and go out to Pokestops. Defeats the purpose of being able to do a Community Day at home and not having to venture out when you aren’t resupplied with pokeballs.

  5. I have not received any pokeballs it gifts from my buddy either. I tried feeding him multiple times, but it did not change anything. He is also not even showing up next to me as he usually does.

  6. I didnt receive any pokeballs from my buddy during the community day event today. I ran out of pokeballs with an hour left on my lucky egg. So disappointing.

  7. I played the whole 7 hours and didn’t receive 1 gift from my great buddy. Everyone else around me kept getting them and I didn’t.

  8. The game froze several times during the event so I kept restarting the game. I was not able to get the full benefit of the incense and lucky egg I used.

  9. There are five of us in my house who play. Initially no one received balls. All contacted customer support. All received balls except me. I used 600 balls and never received a single ball from my buddy. Customer support just repeatedly kept sending the same reply asking me to choose an option from a list, but the list never popped up. Very frustrating!

  10. I did not receive any pokéballs from my Ultra Buddy on my main account. I did, however, receive some on my second account with my Best Buddy. My friend with me received hers every 30 minutes. I messaged the app support at 3:30 and again at 5:00 pm. We missed out on 600 hundred balls (50 every 30 minutes for 6 hours).

  11. My problem is totally different. My incense isn’t working. I dont get any pokemon while using it. The pokemon come and just disappears in a second. I dont get a chance to even tap on it.

  12. my whole family place we do not have any issues thank you very much for a great event caught 12 shinies official start of summer

  13. Totally disappointing , no pokeballs no buddy gifts . My whole family waited for this event, not sure we’ll do the next one .

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