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Trainers, this year Pokemon Go Fest is going live on July 25 and 26 and according to the Pokemon from the featured image and the last sentence of the official announcement, we might see Shaymin’s debut during the Go Fest 2020 via Special Research.

Now, if you pay attention to the featured image, you could see the three Grass-type Pokemon, Oddish, Alolan Exeggutor, and Cherrim. In addition, the last sentence of the official announcement says “Until we can all meet again in the same park and under the same sky—let’s GO!”

So what’s the connection between all of the above mentioned and Shaymin?

All of them being Grass-type, and the last sentence: “Until we can all meet again in the same PARK and under the same SKY – let’s GO!” makes it clearer, since Shaymin has two forms – its original, the Land Forme and the Sky Forme.

In addition, Oddish’s Grass hairstyle and Cherrim’s appearance (flower) could hint at Shaymin’s pink flower with two leaves on each side of its head, which resembles the Gracidea flower.

What are your thoughts about this? Does this make sense to you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. While the logic makes plenty of sense with the signs both written and visual pointing to Shaymin, I can’t help but look at the previous Go Fests to determine who will headline the Special Research…

    What I mean is, last year’s Go Fest introduced the Gen 3 Jirachi in the Special Research while the year before that had given us the Gen 2 Celebi, both of whom are of Mythical status with base stats of 100 across the board.

    Shaymin is a Mythical Pokemon from Gen 4 making it next in line to Jirachi and its Land Forme (but not its Sky Forme) does have 100 for all of its base stats…

    But Manaphy meets the criteria as well!

    So, perhaps Shaymin is more likely to headline the Special Research, but I can’t help but keep Manaphy in the running for my own reasons, which are of course, 0% confirmed.

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