Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Hot Air Balloon Invasion Event

Pokemon GO kept its players engaged at all times with the way they handled the COVID-19 situation. We have seen everything these past three months, but we kind of miss a takeover from Team GO Rocket.

Fortunately, it came to our ears that the latest datamine is revealing plans about brining the notorious team back to the game. This even though, unlike other past events, will have features like the famous hot air balloon dropping off grunts around the in-game map.

The code that was found by the dataminers (PokeMiners) has a bulk od codes that are related to this hot air balloon. It looks like the balloon will spawn at certain places on the map, will have the ability to change its location and even height. It was also found that only one balloon at a time can appear on the map.

Here is how it could work:

The Balloon will hover on the map as stated in the original teardown

  • It doesn’t appear to be tied to any PokeStop or Gym
  • There is a specific call for tapping on the balloon vs using the radar for example

It will move around and eventually ‘wander’ off

The Balloon has several different states in regards to how it may spawn including

  • Is it cooling down (implying there is a time between when two balloons are allowed to spawn)
  • Is the Balloon disabled (probably to control the rolling out of this feature or to shut it down if needed)
  • If another Balloon already exists (implying only one Balloon may spawn at once)
  • There is a state for an invalid equipped item, which might imply you require an item like the Rocket Radar to spawn it? There is little to no supporting information for this at the moment

Rocket Invasions were split into two separate categories, one for PokeStops and one for Balloons

A new Invasion type of GRUNTB (for Balloon most likely) was added

  • This implies that you would not battle Giovanni or the Leaders as they have their own Type

A CHARACTER_GRUNTB_FEMALE and a CHARACTER_GRUNTB_MALE were added as character types, so further evidence that the Balloon will only allow you to battle grunts

  • Unlike regular grunts where they have a type associated with them for their team, the balloon grunts are just balloon grunts currently
  • BALLOON_GRUNT and GRUNTB are separate types though which is odd, perhaps one is a placeholder

We know we do not have to say this, but just to be safe, please keep in mind that this is datamined information and it can change at any moment.

Be sure to keep on checking our website for more guides, news, and updates. Until then, good luck hunting the very best Unova Pokemon!

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