Skate 4: Open-World Game With User-Generated Content?

The EA Play event has discovered a bunch of new and exciting projects being in the works, including the surprising Skate 4, which has appeared on the small screens decade after its predecessor was released. Recent discoveries keep on pulling info regarding the game, and some of them are leading to an open-world, which may be where Skate 4 will indeed be situated. Imagine a skateboarding game set in an open-world alongside user-generated content.

In a recent investor call with VGC, CEO Andrew Wilson has openly stated the game’s direction. For what seems to be a surprise, Skate 4 may be the first open-world game in the franchise.

You take a game like Skate, and while skateboarding in and of itself has tremendous appeal to a huge, global audience, there’s also another secular trend that’s happening inside our industry around user-generated content, open-world and interaction

What we know so far is that non of the previous series have occluded in an open-world environment. Not that the old technology offered this to be a possibility (10-year-old Skate 3). Hence, it is one of the reasons why Skate 4 sounds promising.

Furthermore, if a caliber of this size is met, then the open-world in Skate 4 would be vast. According to Wilson:

There’s a whole new world that we’re going to unlock with Skate, that goes well beyond just creating a skateboarding game


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