Escape From Tarkov will get another map expansion before “Streets of Tarkov” arrives

Battlestate Games is considering a new map expansion before the release of the long-awaited Streets of Tarkov. In a Reddit Thread, the CEO of BSG, Nikita, has stated that all of the developers are working from home, and everything is fine, with 90% of the level designers focusing on Streets of Tarkov. However, an unknown raid map is scheduled for a change and will probably be released as a surprise.

We honestly think it’s a word about Woods because it’s the only map without a single change since the very first release, except for the addition of Shturman. Realistically speaking, Woods could get a lot better map with a couple of improvements. New varieties or extraction points can be added. So far, the map feels dull. Every new Woods raid feels very repetitive due to its pathing. No matter on which side you spawn, you have to go basically through the same area.

The realistic side of EFT is still breathing sharply. It is one of the most enthusiastic parts of the game – a reason why the Twitch Drops event was one of the most popular events ever done on Twitch. Thousands of people vastly value the in-game currency, because the game, no matter how fun it is, sometimes could turn into a whirlwind and be devastating even for the best.

Nikita didn’t forget to notice that the battle against cheaters is still in power, and will continue to be so in the future. Overall, Escape From Tarkov has banned many players that used third-party software to elevate their gameplay, including real-life traders who inevitably ruin the in-game economy.

Later in the discussion, Nikita also responded to questions regarding the newly discovered compass. The compass won’t be lootable from dead bodies.

Overall, Escape From Tarkov is moving in the right direction, and it’s likely to do so in the future. BSG has a very transparent relationship with its community, discovering all of the changes even before they happen.

  • Almost everybody is still working from homes and we are good
  • Currently actively working on 12.8 (it will contain a big bunch of content and several features – one of them is a hand-held compass (cause wrist-based compass is also planned for later), also a lot of really good QoL improvements (some of them proposed here on Reddit!), bug fixes etc.) Not long to wait!
  • At the same moment we are doing annual Unity dev review – optimizing game, making network run better together with Unity dev team
  • 90% of level-designers/env artists are working on Streets of Tarkov location, but we plan to release one more expansion to old location before Streets (you can guess which one)
  • Fighting with those who are not welcome. Did a pretty good things to throw back 99.9% of cheats. The war continues – report suspicious players after match (it really helps)
  • Started to work on customizable rigs – it will be huge feature, one of my favorite (not in 12.8)
  • And other things

The official Reddit thread.

Opatchki! from EscapefromTarkov

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