After a Decade, Left 4 Dead 2 is getting a Major Update – “The Last Stand”

It’s been ten years after the release of Left 4 Dead 2’s without any significant signature update on its way. For a whole decade, the fans have been pushed to find ways to entertain themselves and destroy hordes of zombies in different L4D2 scenarios. The Last Stand Update for Left 4 Dead 2 is scheduled to release on September 24th, and the official trailer already shows a couple of the upcoming changes.

As per Steam’s official Discussion, the Project Lead of the community standing behind the Last Stand update has confirmed that the update arrives on September 24th. This update will be solely available on the PC platform, and Valve seems to have no part in this big community update.

What to expect from this major update?

  • Over 20 new survival maps
  • New and reworked animations
  • Previously unused voice lines
  • Brand new melee weapons
  • PvP fixes and enhancements
  • and other surprising changes

The trailer for “The Last Stand” update can be found below:

According to the official FAQ:

Q: Will this update release for Xbox 360?
A: This update will be available on PC only.

Q: Will there be more community updates in the future?
A: No other community updates are currently planned by Valve at this time.

Q: Will first-person legs be added with this update?
A: We won’t be re-introducing first-person legs with this update, as the original files and code for it have been lost.

Q: Did you have access to the source files?
A: No, Valve wasn’t able to give us access to any source files due to legal reasons and company privacy. We did find workarounds though!

Q: Do you guys work for Valve?
A: The update team consists largely of community members like you and me. We did have contact with some Valve employees and worked together with Kerry Davis for this update, but the vast majority of the update’s content was created independently by our community team.

Q: Can I join the update team?
A: We’re currently in the final stages of development, so additional help isn’t needed for now.

The confirmation for L4D2 The Last Stand Update arrived a couple of minutes ago, even though the trailers have emerged a lot earlier. The Zombie apocalypse is awaiting a refreshment, and we’re here to escort it thoroughly on September 24th.


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