New Horror Game, Death of Rose, Takes the Stage

A new indie horror game created by Bloober Team designer Artur Łączkowski takes the stage and has shown some gameplay. 

This is the overview from the Steam page of the game so you can have a clue of what’s happening in the video below the overview!

The history of a place is told through the peeling plaster on the wall, fleeting phantoms, and the carcasses left behind.

Scott lives to keep a record of long abandoned buildings while searching for proof of the paranormal. Along for the journey is Beth, Scott’s long-time companion and best friend.

This first chapter of Scott and Beth’s tale brings them to an abandoned school allegedly known as a place of worship for a deranged cult. The unsettling rumors that surround the school make Beth stay in the car while Scott goes in alone to investigate.

Beth’s voice over the radio becomes Scott’s only guide as he searches the dark, empty halls and classrooms of this long-forgotten place for clues of the rumored cult activity when suddenly, the old legend becomes much more real than either of them expected.

Will Scott be able to survive and unravel the dark secret that school hides? Or will his blood-chilling adventure strip him of those closest to him and his sanity?

Before watching the video consider taking a look at the game and putting it on your wishlist on Steam.

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