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Pokemon Go The New Coin System is Great for Big Cities, But what about Rural Areas?

A player from Taipei, Taiwan (the test location for the new coin system) has shared his analysis of the new coin system. Going by the name jostler57, they decided to tell the rest of the Pokemon Go community how it actually works, its pros and cons, the new requirements, and tasks.

The new system now reduces the coins you can get from a gym, from 50 to 30, but the great thing is that now Niantic has implemented new daily tasks which will bring you coins, up to 20 coins per day from them. The tasks are similar to “Throw 5 nice balls,” “Evolve 2 Pokemon” and many more.

To our surprise, jostler57 said that Taiwan actually is quite active with Pokemon GO. They have thousands of PokeStops, as well as gyms and parks that are filled with nests. Most of all, there are many active Taiwanese players! Usually, Tier 5 has a full lobby and there are gym “wars” almost every hour. It is fun to be a Pokemon GO player in Taiwan.

We all know that the old coin system was a mess, but it seems like over in Taipei, players like how the refurbished system looks and works. Because it has been very competitive in the gyms, almost every player had 0 coins of the day. When they could keep their Pokemon in a Gym, they would only get 1 up to 9 coins, and that was all. Jostler57 explains that they usually spent their non-working days in defending a gym, trying to get the maximum amount of coins, but with this new system they have gotten around 200+ coins in this past month, without even wasting their off-work days trying to battle other players.

They described the system, saying that it is actually not that hard to get 20 coins because the tasks are quite easy to complete. As we stated before, the tasks are similar to “Catch 5 Pokemon,” “Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts.” One good thing is that the amount of coins you get per hour for holding a Gym is the same, which makes it way easier to get to 30 coins, rather than the old amount of 50 coins.

As usual, every new thing has its problems. With this system, the “Win a raid” task is actually pointless in this COVID-19 era. There aren’t many cases in Taiwan, but as jostler57 explains, other countries that are full of them, going out to complete this task could mean the player possibly catching the ‘rona. Niantic has to remove this task because, in some raids, you need more than two Trainers to defeat the Raid Boss. We need to keep in mind that some towns do not even have Raids. The other problem is that even if you reach the max of 20 coins, you still have to go to the “Daily screen” and collect the coins yourself. Niantic definitely needs to remove this and make it auto-collect.

Taiwanese PoGO players are also asking Niantic to change the UI so it can make it easier for us to see the Daily Tasks. Of course, not everything is perfect, some tweaks are needed to make it perfect, but overall, it is better than the old system that the rest of the world has.

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