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Pokemon Go Halloween 2020 Event, What to Expect

October is an eventful month for Pokemon GO. Niantic makes sure to make this month the best month out of the whole year, by having as many events as possible, new features, Raid Bosses, Community Day event, Halloween event. Halloween is a very special holiday for the Pokemon GO community, mainly because on this day, usually, there is a debut of a new Pokemon, never before seen in the game.

Last Halloween was to be remembered for all times. But the question is, can Niantic make Halloween 2020 event better than the last one?

Halloween 2019 had Darkrai as the new Pokemon, it introduced Yamask and its shiny form, many new Research tasks, and increased spawn for Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokemon. There were also bonuses like 2x Candy for catching a Pokemon, hatching, and transferring Pokemon during Halloween 2019, which started on October 17th.

As for Halloween 2020, we do not have much information yet, but there are rumors circulating around the community about a few things. Something that is certain is that we will see Giratina’s Original Forme.

For the Raid Boss, it is not announced yet, but there are few theories about it. One of them being Arceus and the other one Mewtwo. Arceus, the almighty Pokemon, the creator of the beloved Pokemon world. Many players are looking forward to seeing Mewtwo as the new Raid Boss because, to be honest, this Psychic-type Pokemon left us too soon.

Generation 6 is confirmed by Niantic, so it might be possible that the debut for this Generation to be on Halloween. If this indeed happens, our guess is that the Pokemon might be Yveltal. This Pokemon is the scariest Dark/Flying-type out of them all, so it is perfect for the spookiest day of the year. To top that off, it is also a Legendary Pokemon and a member of the Legendary Aura Trio.

Nothing is confirmed or released yet, so keep on checking our website for any further updates on Halloween 2020 in Pokemon GO.

Halloween 2020 event Pokemon Go

Here is what we do know, and it’s officially confirmed:

  • Mega Gengar debut
  • New Avatar items
  • Halloween-themed cup for Go Battle League Season 4
  • Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon increased spawn rate

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