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Pokemon Go Pokemon Level Up Stardust and XL Candy Costs Revealed, CP Multiplier Included

Trainers, with the addition of the new level cap in Pokemon Go, Pokemon species can be powered up beyond level 40, once a player advance beyond level 40. To power up your Pokemon you have to spend Stardust and XL Candy. Now, thanks to the world’s greatest dataminers, we can share more details about Stardust and XL Candy costs.

According to the greatest PokeMiners, Pokemon Level Up details have been added for levels 41-55, but the Stardust cost and XL Candy cost is added only for levels 41-50.

The following chart can be very helpful, so let’s take a look at how much STardust and XL Candy one needs to power up a Pokemon.

Pokemon Level Up Costs

Level Stardust Cost XL Candy Cost CP Multiplier
41 10000 10 0.7953
42 11000 10 0.8003
43 11000 12 0.8053
44 12000 12 0.8103
45 12000 15 0.8153
46 13000 15 0.8203
47 13000 17 0.8253
48 14000 17 0.8303
49 14000 20 0.8353
50 15000 20 0.8403
51 15000 / 0.8453
52 / / 0.8503
53 / / 0.8553
54 / / 0.8603
55 / / 0.8653


  • Normal Candy converts to XL Candy at a ratio of 100 Candy 1 XL Candy
  • XL Candy is available only for level 40 and above Trainers
  • Pokemon can be powered up to Trainer level +10
  • It takes 2 power-ups to increase a whole level

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