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Pokemon Go Worldwide Player Spending hits $1 Billion in 2020, Sensor Tower Report

Sensor Tower‘s Store Intelligence estimates have shown that Pokemon GO has its best year, generating an enormous amount of money in the first ten months of this year.

Since its release back in 2016, it did not always have a successful year. The player spending in 2017 went down by almost 29% compared to the previous year, but due to new things being introduced, Niantic has successfully lured more and more players ever since. This current calendar year, the player spending went up 11% compared to the last year, and 30% more than the first ten months of 2019. It is currently ranked at No.3 with the player spending, behind Honor of Kings and Tencent’s PUBG Mobile.

As expected, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many players had to stay indoors as lockdowns were implemented, so they opted for Pokemon GO. This success in player spending is mainly because Niantic had a great strategy of how to transform this game into a home-friendly instead of an outdoor game. Players were quite satisfied with the new implementations in the game, which did not put them at risk of contracting the virus outside.

The U.S. players happen to spend the most, with the revenue here hitting nearly $1.5 billion, which is 36.3% of the total spending. Next on the revenue list is Japan with $1.3 billion, or 31.3%. The third-place goes to Germany, with $238.6 million in revenue. Google Play generated nearly 53.4% of the total revenue, while the App Store has 46.6%. The same is for the installs, Google Play has 78%, and the App Store has 22% of the total number of installs. If we analyze state by state, the U.S. has the most downloads or 18.2%, the second place goes to Brazil, with 11% of the total amount of unique installs, and the third one goes to Mexico, with 6.3%.

As you can see, the key to having a successful mobile game is to keep the game up to date, especially in this pandemic, which shows that Niantic does care about its consumers and their health.

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