PlayStation Network Error Code WS-37398-0, WS-37403-7, WS-116415-8 Trouble Signing in

Update April 27, 2021: It seems like players are not able to sign in again and it shows the same network error code WS-37398-0, WS-37403-7, WS-116415-8.

Update: Servers seem to be up and running again.

Update December 3, 2020: PlayStation Network is down worldwide, and players report seeing the following error codes WS-116415-8 and WS-37398-0. The official site says that all services are up and running and they are currently working with ISPs to manage download traffic.

We are currently investigating the issue and more details will be revealed soon.

Update: The PlayStation Network issue is now fixed and you can now sign in and enjoy playing your favorite game.

Previous Story: PlayStation users are reporting of seeing two error codes, WS-37398-0 and WS-37403-7 when then try to sign in on their PlayStation consoles.

The first issue of this kind was reported nine days ago and Sony fixed the ‘bug’ during the same day.

This time, when you turn on your console (in my case PS4 PRO) and try to open/start to play a game it takes you to an offline mode because of not being signed into PlayStation Network. Well, the interesting thing is that my account was never sign out as a play on the console 24/7 and no one has access to it, and it logs in to PS4 automatically.

I checked the Sign-in option under Account Management and I was logged in. I logged out and the same code, for some WS-37398-0 and some WS-37403-7 popped up. I tried to log in several times but without a positive outcome.

Some users might even get a message that they don’t have a PS Plus when they do, so don’t stress out, this looks like a bug and hopefully, Sony will fix it soon. It seems like there is an issue with PSN and there is no official confirmation yet.

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Dejan Kacurov

Hi, gamers! You can call me Mr. DComplex. I'm a gamer, a hardcore gamer. My favorite genres are Action RPG and MMORPG. At the moment I'm using my PC as my only gaming platform, but soon I might get a new PS4 from Angel. Update - Angel did get me a PS4, oh wait, it's the PS4 PRO 1TB!!! Much love bro!


    1. My thing says this too and when I put the password in it does not work I am mad I want it fixed soon

  1. This just happened to me on my ps4 pro ! Error code (ws-37403-7) I’m signed in but can access online

  2. I am also having this difficulty only 6 minutes after this article was posted… hope someone can find a way to fix it.

    1. Help PLZ I am only 10 and my PS4 started doing this 5. Minutes ago after I got home from scholl please help I really like my PS4 and if my Dad thinks its broken he’ll kill me soplease help (by killed i ment he will ground me for a month or 2)

      1. Nothin you can do about it. It’s playstations issues and they are trying to get it back up and running. We all are sitting around waiting on it

  3. Currently a large outbreak of error code WS-37403-7. Worldwide problems where they cannot sign into there accounts.

  4. This is sooooo bu**s**t, i bought this PS4 and now it’s not letting me use it, “Error Occurred” my a**

  5. The ONE day my kids leave for the day and I did my chores first….AND HERE I AM!
    I guess I’ll go do laundry…I am so PO’d at PSN right now. This mother of three wanted to farm for mods and now I’m doing effing chores. Perfect.
    But really though, the code I got was the one everyone else is getting ws-37403-7 error occurred. Ran network test, checked the psn plus acct. The error freaked me out a little. Googled the error and followed the figure out what’s going on with PSN link on the psn network tab in settings after running the internet test. Happened after 12:30 pm CST and before…RIGHT NOW. I received an invite to join a 10-year-old and 5-year-old’s chat to play Warframe at approximately 47 minutes ago…whilst doing the vacuuming.
    If this doesn’t get resolved soon, I’ll probably die of boredom and adulting and everyone will be miserable because I will make them all the most miserable.

    1. Also, just needed to add, if this is fixed just in time for my husband’s arrival from work so he can play Destiny 2, I am going to seriously ponder divorce…JK. This sucks lol.


      1. How did you “checked the psn plus acct.” if you can’t sign in? Idk about you but I’m completely signed out and I go to sign in on my phone and it just says

    2. Me too!! Mom of two here, and I did my chores, did the shopping, paid the bills, and I JUST wanted an hour of DBD.

  6. Im habing the same issuem is this just ps4 pro????? I got a pro and im having this issue. Ps4 pro seems like it has alot of problems which is insane considering its suppose to be an upgrade from the original ps4.

  7. I was just on an hour ago. Logged of of fallout 76 then couldn’t log back on. Restarted the playstation and now I cant sign in.

    Hopefully Sony will fix this soon.

  8. Rip playstation. I took a nap about 2 hours ago and wake up to this. I was in serious panic mode when I woke up as well so thanks for that PSN.

  9. I was actually logged in with my game in the starting log-in screen for a while. During that time, apparently, PSN went down. It was not until I sat down (from doing those chores) to click the X button to go farm some stuffs. I was told that I need a “Name of Game” account in order to pay said game. Insert heart attack. I was then met with no psn, no psn plus, the internet was fine, then ran the troubleshooter that says psn is experiencing issues, then just to be sure I am not in some sick and twisted twilight zone of a hell, I googled it and found your fine site.

  10. Was playing COD Modern Warfare earlier and it was like the game had been hacked. Also on the main PS4 screen the PSN icon has a padlock next to it. Does anyone else have the same? How do I get shot of it?

    1. The padlock can normally be fixed if you go into your account management and hit restore licenses. I can’t even get into my account management because of this stupid glitch to attempt to fix this myself.

  11. I’m having the same issue also, what BS is this c’mon Sony smarten up. If this was brought to Sony’s attention 9 days ago ( as the post states) it should’ve been resolved by then!! Reimbursement should be made to those that pay for PS+.

  12. Yea it’s doing that to me right now the error code (WS-37403-7) so that’s very fun. It’s never done this before so I wonder why it’s doing it now. If anyone knows how to fix it plz let me know because this is very messed up and I shouldn’t have to pay for something that I can’t use to be honest I’ll probably sell my PlayStation because this is annoying

  13. This happened to me but I thought because ,by roommate turned off the circuit breaker … house has electrical problems.

  14. Omg… Playstation, fix your broken a*s servers. We pay for PS consoles, PS plus, PS games, and Wifi. It’s not like you are providing a Free service! Same error code as you all. SMDH

  15. Got the same problem here tried to play a game could not sign in to my PlayStation network and tried to sign in and sign out but it just had to not let me log in well done Sony love the work your doing I give props

  16. W Polsce to samo kod błędu Ws-37403-7 jedyny wolny dzień zamierzałem pograć w the Division 2 mam nadzieję że szybko to naprawią

  17. Is this a way playstation brings up the ps5 as an answer lol cause this s**t cost abit much to be having issues

  18. Omg hurry up i really thought someone hacked my account lmfao but i read what everyone was commenting and i have the same problem

  19. What the f**k is wrong? First COD PS servers were down, now that stupid error pops up, siiiiighbetter fix and do something about it. We didn’t buy PS4 just to get that annoying error.

  20. I can’t sign in I’ve tried everything but this is really beginning to p me off because I wanted to play rnd now theres something wrong

  21. I found the issue, Sony dropped an update but it does not show up on your system. Turn your system off, than hold you ps4 power button down until you hear 2 beeps, the first is the normal sound than wait for one more, than it will say connect your controller than scroll down to number 3 system updates. After that there is an update called 6.71 and download it using the internet. After that the error code should go away.

  22. That’s why i am trying to sell my PS4 pro and just buy a computer.
    You spent money on PS plus and games that costs much more than on PC, and if there are some problems with PSN you can’t play multiplayer . . .

    THX Sony i love spend my money every month to not be able to play my games.

  23. How did you “checked the psn plus acct.” if you can’t sign in? Idk about you but I’m completely signed out and I go to sign in on my phone and it just says that you can’t. Now it’s just going from the sign in screen to the homepage without doing anything. There engineers are already on it and have been but this is wierd.

  24. I thiught i was getting hacked but i am having the same problem as everyone else can you please hurry i want to play

  25. my playstation 4 got the same error (ws-37398-0). it won’t let me sign in while already sign into. can u fix this error

  26. Yeah well same bs is happening again today!! Wtf sony cmon get yur crap together already this is nonsense. Better give ppl credit on our yearly memberships if this is gonna occur for days on end.

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