Pokemon Go Fan Made Black Tyranitar is Dope

Trainers, we all know the colors of each and every single Pokemon out there, as well as the color of their shiny forms,  but what if Niantic and Pokemon Go decide to make a few changes and for example change the color of Tyranitar to black?

There are many black-colored Pokemon in Pokemon Go, such as Unown, Duskull, Alolan Form Rattata, Umbreon Shiny Ray, etc, but there is no Black Tyranitar. So, what do you say if Niantic and Pokemon Go make it happen at some point? Care to know how it could look? Check it out below.

Now, my favorite black Pokemon is definitely Shiny Ray, but after looking at the Black Tyranitar fan-made, I would have to think twice. Well, the only difference is that Shiny Ray is available in the game, while the Black Tyranitar is only a fan-made concept…for now.

Who wants to see a Black Tyranitar in the game?

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Dejan Kacurov

Hello everyone! My name is Dejan, but you can call me Mr.D. I enjoy all video games, especially Apex Legends, Pokemon Go, and Spider-Man. A husband and father of two who also goes to the gym often and does Crossfit. I got inspiration for gaming exactly 8 years ago, and I've been writing gaming news for 7 years. I hope that you will find all the answers to your questions regarding gaming on our site. Stay healthy, and love each other!


  1. You could argue for RED Tyranitar because we have red pokemon like Slugma, Scizor or Shiny Gyarados
    You could argue for BLUE Tyranitar because we have blue pokemon like Horsea, Metagross or Shiny Nidoking
    You could argue for PURPLE Tyranitar because we have blue pokemon like Ditto, Gengar or Shiny Lapras
    You could argue for PINK Tyranitar because we have blue pokemon like Slowpoke, Blissey or Shiny Kyogre
    and list goes on…

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