After Fan Outcry, IO Interactive will work on a solution to allow the importation of locations to Hitman 3

IO and Epic Games will allow Hitman 3 players to import locations from Steam

The transition of Hitman 3 to the Epic Games Store has been seen as unfriendly and terrorizing for the fans of the franchise. Shortly after IO Interactive’s statement that Hitman 2 owners on Steam won’t be able to transfer the assets to Hitman 3, a backlash has begun. The fan outcry has grown quite a lot and apparently has been heard by both Epic Games and IO Interactive, and now they’re going to work on a feature that will allow the importation of locations to be possible.

Starting on January 20, Hitman 3 will be exclusively available for purchase on the Epic Games Store. Being unavailable to import locations from the previous series in the franchise had left players disappointed, for which they’ve started their own petition and backlash on social media that is vastly known to the gaming industry.

On ResetEra, the discussion has grown big, mostly flaming IOI’s move to prevent players from having all of the assets available on Steam. Different Storefronts can sometimes be interfering, which is why these sorts of issues arise. Epic Games is no stranger to this, as they tend to snatch good deals from Steam by offering developers and publishers a good price. Hence, most of the fans were determined to purchase the game once it releases on Steam instead of rushing the purchase on the Epic Games Store. For that reason, Epic Games and IO Interactive had no choice but to make the importation happen without any additional cost.

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