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Pokemon Go Never Finishes Loading the First Time, App Crashes or Freezes on Loading Screen

Another year, another day, another bug. At the very end of 2021, Pokemon Go seems to have a problem with the loading screen, taking way longer to load than before.

There have been several reports of this problem, which affects new phones and old phones. There have been reports of Samsung Galaxy S8 users, S10 users, Huawei users, and many other.

It takes longer than 2 minutes for the game to load, and some users even have to restart the game several times.




Niantic has not officially responded to this bug yet. We hope they will fix it ASAP and we will be able to enjoy the upcoming events in 2021.

Does anybody else experience performance issues this year? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. S10 user here. It’s a big problem on mine. 1st time opening the app it takes forever then just closes and I have to restart it. So aggravating after a while.

  2. That’s it? That’s your informative article? Best ya got? I run 10 accounts simultaneously on various different devices and the app does fine. Do some homework before coming to rushed conclusions. I realize everyone wants to be first these days but a story that comes off as bitchy with no real meat to it, no solution, no real polling of a player pool makes you look like a shallow moron. Results not excuses.

  3. Mine has been this way since the Fall update. I have to stop the first load because it doesn’t finish, but the second time it fully loads at normal speed. Then it lags during the game at times. I use a Samsung S9. I noticed on some players using a Samsung S8, they are not having these issues.

  4. Im not really having problems on load, but once in game it keeps crashing at seemingly random moments. Especially i noticed it however when I want to enter by buddy camera screen to feed play with him (i know this happened before too sometimes but now it’s every time) but also when I’m sending and receiving gifts with friends. Especially in those moments the app just crashes. although as said at random other moments too, like when I tried to battle or even while catching pokemon. My suspicion is the update that came not long ago around new year but I hope a fix can be found soon

  5. I think it’s the same for me I’m on the iPhone 5s an the game loads to the black loading screen then crashes every time I looked up how to fix it but all the options Don’t work

  6. S10 user. When I click on the pokemon it gives me a white/black screen and freezes and it wont let me play with my buddy or take snapshots

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