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Pokemon Go Should Consider Adding Pokeflute into the Game After this Bug

Yet another bug was reported in Pokemon GO. This time, the bug is blocking the player to catch a certain Pokemon, because another Pokemon appears in front of it, thus making it unable to hit it with a Poke Ball.

The bug was reported by a Reddit user going by the name eten123. This person posted a video where they try to catch Eevee, but are unable to because Snorlax is right in front of Eevee.

Users are joking that you might need a PokeFlute to wake up the sleeping Snorlax and then try to catch the Evolution Pokemon.

Do I need a Pokeflute before I can catch this Eevee? from r/TheSilphRoad

If you do it 10,000 times you get the PokeFlute Platinum medal!


While this is a fun bug, we hope that Niantic fixes this as soon as possible, because it might cause some trouble.

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