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Pokemon Go May 2021 Community Day to Bring Swablu

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced the date for the next Community Day event, but not the featured Pokemon. Now, thanks to PokeMiners and the recent datamine, we know which Pokemon will be featured during the May 2021 Community Day event.

According to PokeMiners and their recent datamine, May 2021 Community Day will introduce Swablu, new bonuses, and a Special Research story called Cotton-Winged Bird.

Check out the quest storyline below.

“Hello there, %PLAYERNAME%! It’s such a lovely day over here, with some incredibly fluffy clouds floating by in the sky.

I’ve noticed something quite peculiar, however, which is what appears to be some sudden movement to and fro the clouds.

My eyes must be playing tricks on me–I’m certain that clouds do not move about and…flap, like that.

And it appears to be happening in increasing frequency!

Mind going on a little jaunt to see what Pokémon might be the cause of this unusual occurrence?

My heavens…a Swablu! What a darling little creature, wouldn’t you say?

The Cotton Bird Pokémon sure lives up to its name!

Its cotton-like wings are so fluffy and white, alongside their sky blue bodies, they can be easily mistaken for clouds.

I guess it wasn’t my eyes after all!

Oh…oh! There it goes! Right on your head.

Swablu, I hear, love to sit on people’s heads. They look like fluffy hats!

However, if their wings get dirt on them, they’ll be inclined to leave and clean themselves.

What peculiar and particular creatures, aren’t they?

Evolving a Swablu requires quite a bit of Swablu Candy, but their evolved form is quite a sight to see! How about you go out and collect more Candy?

Be sure to use Pinap Berries when catching more Swablu to get even more Candy!

Incredible work, %PLAYERNAME%! Looks like you’ve been hard at work catching Swablu and collecting a ton of Swablu Candy.

Evolving a Swablu is truly an act of patience, isn’t it?

Patience is often called a virtue in a broad sense, but it’s an integral part of being a good Trainer.

Good things come to those who wait is a cliché term for a reason: it’s often true!

And I believe all of your hard work will pay off once you lay your eyes on the wonderful Pokémon that your new Swablu friend will evolve into.

Just one more leg of this journey left to go, %PLAYERNAME%. Let’s go!

Do you hear that, %PLAYERNAME%? Your newly evolved Swablu is singing in joy!

This Pokémon is called Altaria, the Humming Pokémon.

Oh…oh! Now it’s enveloping you in its wings! Altaria do that to people it’s bonded with.

Do you feel its humming? People say that its humming is so melodic and beautiful it could enrapture an entire audience.

It’s really quite incredible to see how fast you and your Altaria have become friends.

I’m moved and it’s not just from its wonderful humming either.

Anyway, thanks for another Pokémon research adventure, %PLAYERNAME%. I feel like I learn something new about, and from, Pokémon everytime.

Until next time — let’s GO!”

The next Community Day goes live on May 15, 2021, featuring Swablu.

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