Battlefield 2042’s New “Hazard Zone” Game Mode Inspired by Escape From Tarkov?

In a recent Battlefield 2042 briefing, the devs have spared a portion of their precious time to throw a chatter on the upcoming first-person shooter game. It appears that EA Dice is trying hard to keep the hype going. The devs have also talked about the specialists in the game and their unique and universal gadgets, Frostbite engine upgrades, physics, and a fundamental particle, a new game mode called Hazard Zone.

What differs here is that each specialist will have its own purpose, which will have a unique gadget that will serve for a particular reason (ex. ammo distribution, healing purposes, etc.). Aside from that, each one will also have a universal gadget slot, making it two in total. This somewhat bolsters the RPG in Battlefield, in which players would have to cooperate to sustain a strong level of endurance.

Hazard Zone

Battlefield 2042 may not include a Battle Royale at launch but will surely include a game mode that will steal all of the attention. As the developers announced, there will be a new game mode called Hazard Zone, a high-stakes team-based mode in which players might lose whatever they decide to bring onto the Battlefield. High stakes, meaning everything brought in might be lost.

We do not have any extra details on the game mode, but it sounds similar to the core functionality of Escape From Tarkov. Player investments could be lost upon death, with no chance of getting them back. Considering Escape From Tarkov’s recent success, it won’t be weird to see a similar type of game mode developed by EA in Battlefield 2042. Sadly, we do not know more details about the game mode, but it definitely sounds like “Escape from Battlefield.”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe a game mode like this would make a difference in Battlefield?

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