Pearl Abyss Delays Crimson Desert Indefinitely

Pearl Abyss has discovered that Crimson Desert will be delayed indefinitely due to the lack of gameplay experience and adventure. According to the developer, Crimson Desert needs to be a more profound and more enriching video game. To achieve that level of gameplay, the developer will need more time to add new ideas and new features to the game. Previously, Crimson Desert was slated for a 2021 release, but considering the statement, it seems that it would take at least a year longer.

Crimson Desert is an upcoming open-world action-adventure, and as such, it will indeed need many surprising factors to succeed. Postponing is always a good option if the developer finds itself on the way to developing an incomplete video game. This action should give the developer a breather room for further re-evaluation on the current product. Maybe they’ll witness a couple of other releases that will provide them with a better idea, and hopefully, nail every single expectation they aim for.

Without a new release date period, the developer thanked the community and highlighted that more updates on the development will be provided in the future. How long would it take remains unknown. The gameplay reveal strongly reminds us of what Amazon’s New World looks like, and I would not judge if the developer wants to avoid any collision with other major releases. Plus, it would give them extra time on developing further content for complete immersion.

The announcement for Crimson Desert’s delay came from the official Crimson Desert Twitter Profile. You can find the official post below.

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