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Pokemon Go Increased PokeStop Interaction Distance is Back in New Zealand

Trainers, due to New Zealand’s level 4 full lockdown, Niantic and Pokemon Go are bringing back the increased interaction distance.

The Pokemon Go community, including myself, were not very happy when they removed the increased PokeStop distance, but now, due to the recent situation in New Zealand, they’re bringing back the interaction distance and reinstating the previous bonuses.

Back on August 1, 2021, Niantic and Pokemon Go reverted the PokeStop interaction radius to the standard distance and the player base was not very happy about that. Players have stopped playing the game, not spending any real money on it, and it seems like this does not go well for them and decided to bring back the increased PokeStop distance.

The Pokemon No Day and Hear Us Niantic “campaign” reached a lot of players and many, including myself, are supporting the “movement.” Hopefully, they will bring back the increased PokeStop and Gym distance in the U.S. too.

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  1. Why only New Zealand? Why not the US? California is at high risk too with the pandemic delta virus now. Niantic is not playing fair game. The US protested about the distance increased. Along with other states and countries too. I know Zoetwodots is from New Zealand and she protested too. Now why New Zealand only?

  2. I have 2(two) disabled persons under my care and they started playing DURING the pandemic. Meaning all they know about pokemon has just changed. Not changed “back” for them its just a “change ” from their norm!
    They can’t really play for any real length of time due to their disability so the reduced distance has extremely affected game play for both!
    Please revert back to their “NORMAL” ! PLEASE

  3. What bullshit business is this. Nothing against New Zealand. Dont we all as TRAINERS pay same price for everything?

  4. This is ridiculous.., I truly feel as if Niantic is being biased to the United States. The people in the US are still social distancing in everything we do. If people are playing at the park, most people give them a wide berth clearly outside of allotted distance.

    Whatever you do for one country should be done for all. We spend money just like all others so it’s plain unfair to restrict our gameplay just because our government chooses not to impose a lockdown, since people already restrict their own movements while others are vaccinated.

    Truly Disappointed Niantic and need to rethink our association.

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