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Pokemon Go PokeStop Nominations are Back Up and Running

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced that the PokeStop nominations are back up and running.

The Pokemon Go PokeStop nomination feature was suspended and players were not able to nominate PokeStops for some time. Now, thanks to the Pokemon Go team, the issue has been resolved and PokeStop nominations are back up running.

Happy Monday Explorers,

A quick note about some upcoming changes taking effect on Wednesday (8/11/21) that may affect your Pokémon Go and Wayfarer experience.

PokéStop Nominations: PokéStop nominations will be suspended for a week while we perform some maintenance on this feature. While we hope this pause won’t take the whole week, we’ll keep you posted when nominations are live again.

Refactoring Code & Tackling Tech Debt: We are excited to be shipping our code-refactored website, which we mentioned in our March 2021 Roadmap Update. While the look and feel will be the same, the update brings long-term reliability and stability to your existing Wayfarer experience.

Thanks for your patience as we work through these infrastructure updates!

Hello Explorers,

Thank you all for your patience as the Pokémon GO team continues to perform maintenance on the PokéStop nomination feature. While we were hoping to have PokéStop nominations back up this week, the latest update from the Pokémon GO team shows that we will more likely have PokéStop nominations back up by next Wednesday (8/25/21). We apologize for the delay from our initial post and hope this update isn’t too disappointing for you. As soon as this feature is back online we will let you know.

Hi Explorers,

I’m super excited to share that PokéStop Nominations are back up and running! If you experience any crashes while nominating, please clear your cache or restart your phone and try again. Thanks Pokémon GO team!

Well, they say the issue causing the app to crash when nominating PokeStop has been resolved, but according to reports from the Pokemon Go community, the game still crashes while trying to submit PokeStops.

How long did it take Niantic to accept your PokeStop submission? Some players say they have a PokeStop submission form 2019 still in voting. That’s crazy, right?

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