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Pokemon Go Catch Limit and PokeStop Spin Limit

Did you know that Pokemon Go has a daily and weekly catch and spin limit? Well, now you do.

Unfortunately, this limit indeed exists in our favorite game, and once you reach it, you will no longer be able to catch Pokemon nor spin Pokestops until the day/week ends.

There isn’t any official statement from Niantic or Pokemon Go about this, but some players have decided to test it.

According to some, the daily catch limit is 4,800 catches, and the weekly limit is 14,000 catches. Once you reach these numbers, every Pokemon you try to catch will break out and run.

As for spinning PokeStop, the daily limit is 1,200, while the weekly limit is 7,000 spins. So what happens if you reach the PokeStop spin limit?

Once you reach the PokeStop spin limit, every PokeStop you try to spin will give you an error and you can no longer spin PokeStops. Please have in mind that if you spin 7,000 PokeStops but you don’t hit the daily spin limit, you’re not going to be capped. Only if you reach both the daily and weekly spin limit you’re going to be capped.

Have you reached these limits during your gameplay? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Uhhh no I haven’t. I would assume that only those players who have an automatic Pokemon catching and pokestop spinning device and who is always on the “GO” in a large city would possibly run into this limit. I have only been playing going on 3 months in a small cit yet I have managed to build a collection that includes 15 shiny and 10 ditto. Guess I’m lucky?‍♀️

    1. Absolutely no-one using an auto-catcher will hit the catch limit, they’re way too slow and use way too many Pokeballs.

  2. While, that is sad; that’s still a lot of catching and spinning and the advantage player isn’t going to hit that limit in my opinion anyway. Like maybe on community days or pokefest yeah but every day and week hitting that amount…nah

  3. Wat needs to change is charging gold to purchase clothing once u meet requirements to unlock. I’m a regular and I will not spend actual cash on this game. It’s not worth it at all

  4. Who wrote this article? Lol. I dare you to hit those limits playing by normal means without cheating. I’d bet you $1000 you couldn’t do it if you tried as hard as possible. Its not “unfortunate” because it only exists to stop bots and spoofed, which is a good thing to anyone who plays fairly.

    1. No I’m on level 33 and I have 5600 Pokémon and the game won’t let me catch anymore Pokémon my pokey storage backup is full and i can’t catch any mote

    2. Well, in my vacation time i have been spending my days with a friend in town. We each breakfast, then meat up for some climbing, then lunch, then pokemon go for about 10 hours. And trust me, you can VERY EASILY reach this limit in town within 10 hours. We did this before, but cant spend the whole day as we used to because of this limit. So if you want me to prove it to you just to pay me 1000$ i still have 15 vacation days left =)

  5. Yes I have definately hit. A limit on pokestops.
    I haven’t reached a daily catch limit… to my knowledge. I’ll check it out and report back..

  6. Yes I indeed have reached this limit and it is very frustrating as I had no idea it existed. Only on the spins I can still catch Pokémon.

  7. I live near a lot of pokestops and owning a gotcha evolve really helps with spinning and on a couple of occasions i’ve hit this spin limit and wondered why I kept getting the (Try again later.) message but I have never hit the catch limit.

  8. I’m replying kinda late to this article but as a spoofer myself it ait nothin new to me. Not so much pokemon catch limit….never run into that. But I’m hitting pokestop limit always. I’m playing poke go like anyone would. But during the night, I turn on my spoofing device, asset auto discard items to some of the items and select transfer all pokemon. Bc obviously I don’t want to own not legit pokemon. Then I turn on pokemon go +. I’ll set auto walk in a 3 km radius or so and then just go to sleep. This way I can get like 300k stardust while asleep. Ofc this way I always reach my daily pokestop limit super fast.

  9. started a new account a couple of days ago. Got to 1174 stops over 2 days and can’t spin any more. My guess is the daily limit is 1000.

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