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Pokemon Go Daily and Weekly Catch Limit 2021

Pokemon Go has a daily and weekly limit for catching Pokemon and after reaching the limit you get capped and you’ll not be able to catch any Pokemon as they will constantly flee.

Niantic and Pokemon Go decide the numbers and the catch limit, and they never officially announce it, but thanks to the Pokemon Go community and their analysis, it turns out that the catch limit is 4,800 per day and 14,000 catches per week.

That being said, once you cross the limit, the Pokemon you’re trying to catch will flee, and trust me you don’t want that.

Now, let me explain to you how the catch limit works.

Once you reach 4,800 per day or 14,000 caught within a week, you get capped. You get your catches back per hour, in accordance with the corresponding hour a week from that time.

So let’s assume that I’ve already reached the cap, and last week I caught 800 Pokemon between 7 pm and 8 pm Tuesday. Next Tuesday, between 7 pm and 8 pm, I’ll be allowed to catch 800 Pokemon. Anything beyond that, and everything flees.

The next hour, between 8 pm and 9 pm this Tuesday, I’ll be limited to what I caught between 8 pm and 9 pm last Tuesday. If I only caught 2 Pokemon during that hour, everything from the third pokemon will flee.

So it’s not technically 4,800 per day, but, over a week, it’s an average of 4,800 per day, and realistically speaking, if you’re grinding regularly at that pace, you want to time it so you’re catching at the same time every day so you don’t “lose” catches to your catch cap.

If you grind in such a way where you get 800 catches one week at a particular hour, but the following week you do not cap at that hour, and say, get 790 catches, then, you lost out on those 10 catches. So the limit rolls, hour per hour (technically not 4,800 a day, but, 4,800 a day on average).

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  1. I think at this time the only people that are making the top cap is going to be the influencers on YouTube because the normal player does not catch 4800 Pokémon today

    1. This catch cap isn’t new. It’s been around since day 1. This publisher is just REALLY slow on reporting about it.

  2. Is this even a problem anyone has actually encountered? To hit this limit you’d have to catch a Pokémon every 18 seconds for the entire 24 hours.

    Even if you catch on the first throw every single time, which we all know doesn’t happen, it takes at leaat 18 seconds to catch a Pokémon.

    Anyone hitting this limit is running one account on multiple devices, which should get them a ban.

    1. Using a PokeBall plus would catch that many that fast and it’s an official product so no ban. But good luck getting them to spawn that fast, even with incense and a lure.

    2. It doesn’t take 18 seconds to catch a pokemon. It takes about 5 seconds. Try using quick catch like the rest of us.

    1. It’s legit. There’s a cap for spinning pokestops as well. I think it’s about 5,000 per week. And it’s a rolling limit. So if I reach my cap and suddenly I can’t spin any stops, I usually just wait until the next hour rolls over and then I can spin again.

    1. Ha-ha-ha!!
      Let me know if you ever find out..

      (I spend alot of time playing Pokémon Go but 800 catches per hour is going above and beyond.. Truly.)

    1. Don’t worry. You will NEVER hit the limit. This limit is not new. It’s existed since the game was released.

  3. By using AR+ the time to catch pokemon reduces exponentially. You can check it out on REVERSAL channel or you can try it out yourself in game

  4. WOW such hard hitting journalism should be awarded with a BS prize. Really do the math and you’ll understand that hitting the cap means spending every moment on the app. It take 20 seconds or more per catch. Even if you spent that much time on it you would spend so much coin that you would go broke in a week or two. This story is trying to build on the issues the game already has.

  5. Kind of as a couple have mentioned… Hitting the weekly limit would mean one catch every 18 seconds for 24 hours, for the daily limit. Assuming just a meager 6 hours of sleep and breaks per day that reduces to 1.85 catches per minute. That’s EVERY minute you’re awake for an entire week?! And this isn’t counting the ones that fun away or any raids that you choose to do (which anyone this serious is definitely fighting in a few… And those take at least 2.5 minutes to complete including the countdown. And as for the LUDICROUS 800 in a single hour that is one catch every 4.5 seconds. Again that doesn’t include any flees or second throws OR trading anything in so your pokemon bag doesn’t fill up. Trash ️

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