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Pokemon Go Fan-Made Loading Screen Got Players Excited About Arceus

A new Pokemon Go loading screen is circling online, and players are getting excited about what’s on the loading screen. You can see Arceus, Hoopa, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, and many other cool Pokemon, but unfortunately, this is not an official Pokemon Go loading screen it’s just a fictional project made by a freelance artist.

The fan-made Pokemon Go loading screen is taking over the Pokemon Go community by storm, and to be honest, this is by far the best loading screen I’ve ever seen. There is a lot of cool stuff, mainly awesome Pokemon. However, it’s not real, and it’s a loading screen based on Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Ultra Unlock, made by Lucas Matos two months ago.

Here is a word from the artist about the Pokemon Go fictional project loading screen:

“Pokémon Go Fictional Project (Ongoing)

It’s a Fictional Project I’m working to try a concept process. the Loading screen I did was based on Ultra Bonus Unlock, an event that occurs after Go Fest, the game’s biggest event. My inspiration for this scene was, first, the place in my city where I used to go to play with friends, that was stopped because of a global problem. Some of Pokémon on illustration appeared on Go fest, and others didn’t, I just choose these ones because I would like them had appeared on Ultra Unlock.

Hope you guys like it, I’m working on some assets that I will update here as I would doing.

I hope one day I have the honor to make something for this franchise I love so much smiley So, above everything, this illustration it’s a remember for myself.”

What are your thoughts about the fan-made loading screen? Do you like to see Arceus’ debut in Pokemon Go?

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