Twitch confirms it has suffered a major data breach

Twitch has suffered a significant data breach, and they’re working with urgency to understand the extent. They will provide updates as soon as more information becomes available, but the initial indicators of such activity are now confirmed. “We can confirm that there was an intrusion,” Twitch said on Twitter, trying to keep users remain calm by saying, “don’t worry.”

The recent leaks from hackers have so far included data that includes source code for Twitch’s streaming service, unreleased content by Amazon Game Studios, and details about creator payouts. An anonymous poster on 4chan released a 125GB torrent earlier today, which they claim contains the entirety of this website – including commit history. The leaker seems intrigued by Twitch’s company tools but not the personal data such as accounts.

The anonymous Twitch leak has been labeled “part one,” claiming more leaks imminent. While personal information like creator payments is included in this initial release of the data dump, it does not appear that passwords or email accounts have made their way into the public.

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