Battlefield 2042 among the top 10 most played games on Steam despite negative reviews

Battlefield 2042’s launch hasn’t been the best one, but it’s a game that would bring a lot of joy and excitement to every single player. Yes, it has weird balancing issues and bugs, but most of us have been a part of a lousy Battlefield launch before. Even if the game received brutally negative review bombing on Steam, it is still one of the most played first-person shooters judging by Steam’s data.

Despite Battlefield is one of the top 10 worst rated games on Steam, it’s also one of the top 10 most played games on Steam at the moment from Battlefield

Overall, I want to be a simple guy who seeks entertainment in any video game. But after a couple of hours of having fun, the tryhard part kicks in, and I cannot control myself when encountering ridiculous flaws. I am frustrated by the FPS drops, which get heftier as you go deeper into matches without restarting the game, but that’s fixed easily with just one restart.

To me, it’s not something unacceptable, and personally speaking, I do not care that much about the reviews on Metacritic or Steam. Opinions posted by others are just not my jam. I can only judge by playing the game by myself, which means I stand on an entirely different ground from all those who posted negative feedback about Battlefield 2042.

So where are all these reviews coming from, and why are people frustrated about the game? To be frank, I still don’t get it. Right now, I am level 70 in the game, which qualifies me for integrity, balancing, and issue topics, even reviews. At least it qualifies me more than the people talking on Steam. I have played for 94 hours. Surprisingly enough, that didn’t happen in Battlefield 2042.

Some of the Steam reviews do not even seem credible at all. There are plenty of reviews that have no idea what they’re talking about. If you’ve spent 50+ hours in the game, go check them out and prove me wrong. So many statements are just off the rail, and what’s more important is that people are finding all those reviews as HELPFUL. What’s going on with society? Before a couple of days, I saw a negative Steam review with the user claiming he got banned for using Razer Synapse. He “clarified” it was a false positive. Is it a false positive, or you maybe tried to cheat but forgot about Easy Anti-Cheat? I mean, I am using Razer Synapse. Why am I not being banned?

I do not condone the fact that the game is not in a great state, but after a session of 23 hours straight without getting up from my gaming chair, I experienced four flaws in total. The game crashed once, while the three other times were the permanent death issue, preventing respawning or reviving. So, what’s right and what’s wrong? You tell me. Sorry for straying off-topic, but I just had to address all the abnormalities with the negative Battlefield 2042 reviews and people who tend to adopt such discrepancies with no clues of what they’re talking about whatsoever.

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